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Limited Or Limitless?


preachingatvillageLimited or Limitless-Does life have limits?

Like many nights I came out of a dream. The “problem” for me and dreams is that when I wake up I am not sure that I am “out” of the dream. So as I wandered down the steps to the living room, my thoughts were in a dream. I came down and did my normal “get ready” which includes pushing the button on coffee, turning on my computer and using the bathroom. Continue reading Limited Or Limitless?

Uncovering Treasure Is A Sign

leejohndrowteamI am a serious history buff. My mom was a dynamic history and English teacher and all her love for history rubbed off on me. My mom did not just “teach”us history, she would “show” us history. She would load us in the family car and drive us to Boston, Philadelphia or Plymouth. She would take us to museums and historic sites. I “lived” history and to this day that is my approach.

My wife got got recently “hooked” on this TV series about treasure hunting in the ocean, turning up sunken ships and submarines and pulling treasure out of them. It is kind of ironic that today I found myself reading this headline. 1,000 Ounces Of Gold Recovered From 1857 Shipwreck. The second I saw the headline, things starting pinging on my “radar”. I knew there was something prophetic, something hidden. I began to do my research. When I saw the headlines, my mind began to to see the recovery of wealth that was coming. Continue reading Uncovering Treasure Is A Sign