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9 Months Later Part 1

2014-05-16 18.40.529 Months Later

Every one knows that it takes approximately 9 months form the point of conception to the place of birth in a human being. Through out scripture we see many people “birthed”. The word birth is often used in kingdom conversations to describe the announcing of a new move or action coming forth. (The meeting birthed a movement that spread across the nations!) Continue reading 9 Months Later Part 1

Signs Of Maturity – An Opera Of God

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

We came to this very large old “opera house” that seemed to be close to the water. We walked up to the large double doors. We could not get them open. But we all felt we were to be inside. We walked around the building and checked the other doors. And then I looked up. There was an open window. I was convinced we were to be here and inside. So, I found a ladder and climbed up to the window. As I walked through the very old building I thought to myself “there is a discovery here”. I went downstairs and opened the doors. Continue reading Signs Of Maturity – An Opera Of God