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Friend Of Sinners

sockmonkeyIt was clear that she was having an affair. How was I going to approach her? Never mind. I did not have to. She came over to talk to me. I saw her husband outside with the rest of the company. “Why are you coming to me” I thought. Continue reading Friend Of Sinners

If You Feel Left Out, This Is The Place

leejohndrowteamLife is funny. A couple of weeks ago I showed my grandkids “Mork and Mindy” with Robin Williams. Yesterday morning as I drove through Keene and looked at the sign from the time of Jumanji being filmed, I thought of him. Yesterday morning, my post with the picture of “leave me alone”, I thought about him.  And yesterday I wrote about troubled places around the world and thought about Hollywood. I opened my email to see that one of my favorite comedians had gone on. Robin Williams. Continue reading If You Feel Left Out, This Is The Place

Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

2014-05-16 18.40.52The other day I wrote about the word turnaround and how I saw a top to bottom overturn in so many areas. I saw things changing governmentally, economically. Many had this “first” response. “It’s easy to say what you can not see. Anybody can do that.” I believe everyone can do that, but I do not believe everyone wants to or thinks it right to do so. I am not looking to be justified in the accuracy of a word in the next 10 minutes or 10 days. Continue reading Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…