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The Closening Of Angels

leejohndrowteamThis week I have sensed a spiritual shift or a “closening” of the realm of angels and God. It had been a period of weeks or maybe even months since I felt this happening. This time seems different than previous times. Why? I am not totally sure, but I am sure it is happening. Continue reading The Closening Of Angels

A Vision During Worship July 14th 2013

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

This morning during worship I saw the following.

I saw a large hallway with many rooms. Some rooms were filled with books and globes and tons of antique furniture. Other rooms were large studies while others contained valuables of the world. The rooms were different. It reminded me of one of the mansions I used to visit of my mom’s friend.

“God? Where are the people?” He walked me to a large hall, and as we walked the echo of our footsteps reverberated. He lead me to a large set of double doors and opened the doors to show me the people. They were milling around the yard, the driveway, the walkways. No one moved towards the doors.

“What is the problem” I asked. “They are waiting for someone to come and open the door.” “Lord, we just opened the door.” “I know. But they do not see themselves as able or worthy to open that door. There is a key that they have already been given. (The Lord gave me a private thought in the midst of this.)

You have the key to the goodness of God. It is already given to you. No man will give you more nor will God. Open the door and come in.