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Dejected? Discouraged? It Is Time To Say “No More”

leejohndrowteamHave you ever been down? Felt dejected or discouraged. And then someone tosses you the scripture about “righteousness, peace and joy” or “why so downcast o’ my soul?” Yep, I sure have been there.

In my earlier life I was severely prone to depression. I was treated medically for depression. I was suicidal at one dark time in my life that ended me up in the hospital for 90 days. The loss, the gun, the whole darkness. I battled suicide for years. Even in the beginning years of my Christianity I was tied to depression and sought the answers in Him while being medicated with a cabinet full of meds. And then one day I said “no more. I have nothing to lose”. I walked away. Continue reading Dejected? Discouraged? It Is Time To Say “No More”