Do You Really Get A Second Chance?


GodsaysnoLast night a series of dreams lead to a place I had not been before. Everything looked familiar, but everything was different. In the end I was asked to go some place. Scene after scene reminded me of something out of our country’s past. Even as I walked past old buildings and beautiful meadows, in the dream I thought this feels like Shelburne Museum or something. At one point it reminded me of the defunct Frontier Town in New York. And then I came to the river…again. I had been here before but I could not remember how I crossed it the first time. I wandered the bank. I thought, “did I swim or take a boat?” Nothing clicked. I clearly was not getting to the other side. As I wandered back towards one of the villages, I thought about it. How would I explain it to others? I sensed defeat, at best failure. Continue reading Do You Really Get A Second Chance?