Fishing For Men

leejohndrowteamThe unbaited hook was tossed in the river again and again. No fish took the hook. Finally on the last cast the hook got caught on a large cement mooring block.

I awoke from that dream and immediately this scripture came in to view.

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

“Come with me” Jesus said. “I will MAKE you…” The word make has the implication of you are not a fisher of man today, but over time, I am going to teach you, create of you the power and ability to fish.

In scripture we do not see lines and hooks, but nets. Perhaps that is by definition or culture, but the church and its people have the potential to be much like a group that tosses the nets out in to the world. But only when they work together will they get the net out there properly. Scripture shows us apostles, prophets and deacons sharing His word. But scripture also shows us the every day person as well, as the Samaritan woman at the well meets Jesus and tells her people.

In the dream the mooring block reminded me of the lock and key on a large building. Clearly it would take strength to remove or wisdom to to open. Today I am praying for mind blindness to be broken and wisdom and revelation to abound. Open the doors! Let us set the captives free!

Jesus spent the next three years teaching and training, living and loving with the disciples. It is time to recapture the spirit of discipleship and training in the body. To see skills honed and lives made over.

As the lazy river flowed by me in the dream, I knew there were fish in it. As we walk through life we are knowing there are lives to change, souls to save. It is not the world that is moving to fast but our inability to recognize. May our discernment increase. May our hearts be changed.

“Peter, do you love me? Feed my sheep?” Feed them what? His word. His bread. His life. It is time to present His goodness and His body for all to see. That they might eat and be changed. No more unbaited hooks. No more empty nets. It is time to go fishing!

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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