Hearing God Amongst All The Noise

leejohndrowteamWhen I originally wrote the book on declarations I think I erred in the fact that people prefer a formula and perhaps I just helped them. Exacerbating the problem with regard to hearing from God. Listening to Him. (Because what if they evaluate it as a formula and it does not work? Are they disappointed with God? Themselves? The formula?)

So what happened is that people moved from a place of have to pray to want to pray. But there is a greater realm and that is hearing what God would have you to pray. Do not mistake what I am saying, I think declarations are powerful. I use them.  We use them in our church gatherings. But they must be fueled by faith. And you must grab hold of them for you in conjunction to hearing what God would say for you.

Clearly He would have you to prosper, to be in health.

I have been around for a long time. I like gadgets and I like technology. I work in a technology company. One of the things we do is we sell lots of telephones and communication equipment and software. What do people want in their communications technology? (Besides the latest gadgets, bells and whistles.)Clarity. The ability to hear clearly, without interruption, “fuzz” or interference. When they want it.

Why did I share with you I have been around a long time? Because I come from a generation that grew up on AM transistor radios, AM car radios, CB, sideband and ham radios. All you had to do was be in the wrong place and hearing was a nightmare. Turn one of those radios to the side and you might not hear it. I have played with radios. Clarity is important.

Many years ago I was in the Adirondacks and my family getting ready to put our boat in the water. I was talking to the young ranger. His name was Johnny. While I stood at the cabin where you signed in, he listened to a CB radio. I had never heard one before. (I was only 9 or so and the closest I ever got to anything like that was short wave radio.) You could hear the skip(Radio signals bounced off clouds and atmospheres. Skipped.) coming in from through out the south. Every now and then as men were avoiding “smokies” and people were preaching over the air waves, you would receive skip from South America, Mexico and sometimes even Africa. It was weird and often times hard to understand.

Many years later I found myself traveling throughout the country, with a CB radio in my truck. I would often find myself straining to hear what was being said. Language, dialects, accents and more made it harder.

Listening to God. Hearing God who is often in the midst of sounds like that .

Imagine you could be in some rural office in Alaska or Montana. (Like so many of my clients who have rural offices.) Communications are important. Major installations are being established every day in rural areas. Plans, directions and engineering often need to be communicated audibly. Faulty communications often mean delays, devastation and wasted monies.

So, the IT director makes purchases for this equipment predicated on the need and the quality. Imagine you are the one. Your boss gives you one of the best radios or phones to communicate with to you in some place like Nome Alaska. He also has had you trained in company policy, provided you with a manual of procedures and the promise you will receive instructions upon finally getting there. Upon arrival he calls you and tells you that “I will be in communications through this device. But keep note, our competitors, spies and other people also have this channel or number. They will try to divert us from this project in order to allow themselves to move ahead.” Instantly panic, fear and concern begin to arise. After all you are in the middle of nowhere with a job to do. Your concern is “how will you know who it is”.

You ask.

Back comes your boss.

“There will be three methods to determine as to whether it is me. A-Consider every situation and transmission or call. Verify it against policy and procedures of which you have written copies. Because I was on the team that wrote them I will not violate them. Listen to what is being said. If you do not hear my voice, do not get caught up in static, noise or the silence. Do not suppose or pretend that I am talking and you can not hear. If you do not hear me let the manual I provided you with be your guide. Do not allow time and space to cause you to imagine things.”

“B-Clearly the manual will not cover every situation you come upon or encounter. What you will be awaiting is my call or radio transmission. Over time you will begin to understand how I speak or talk. To ensure that this is going to work for both of us you will receive small instructions that will provide you with success so you can learn how I talk, hearing cadence, structure and things that identify me. Please keep in mind that I trusted you to do this job. I believe in you. But at the same time I also know all that is needed and required in the situation we have sent you to. In the beginning we will walk slowly but over time you will see that the wildest things I might ask can be done because you will know it is me asking.”

“C-Over time you will see all that I have for you to do there. Why you were chosen. You may not see that clearly at this point but it will come in to focus. You will begin to see how my instructions work in conjunction with policy and procedure. All working together for the value of this project. You will begin to make decisions, just as I might if I were actually there. You will not worry about all the static or false instructions someone else might try to convey to you.”

Your initial conversation ends and you begin to go about your business. You prepare for the upcoming work and projects you were sent to accomplish. You hear the radio. You walk over to it and listen. Your “boss” is on and he asks you to “take all the money and give it to someone coming in”. WOW! You open the procedures and policy manuals and find this is not allowed. Forbidden. Your boss would not ask you to do something like this. It is not in the books. Besides, there was a certain accent that did not sound like him. You recognize that this would not be good for the company over time. You decide it was not him. You begin to think I can do this.

There is much to be heard in the world we live in. Much to discern from. To listen to. Jesus said we would know His voice. Over time we will know what is Him. What is not Him. The scriptures are full of what is Him. What is not.

In our company we have what is known as a fraud unit. The purpose is to keep us from being taken advantage of by folks who want to steal. Perhaps by wrong addresses for shipments or fraudulent credit card use. Too often in our initial stages on the floor it is easy to believe “everyone”. But like the skip I heard as a child or the static that occurs on a radio, God will never go back on His word. (Nwither will our fraud department!)

He provided us with His word through the Bible. He speaks to us today. He has outlined procedure and policy for us. Just as a famous TV chef would say “you can cook” I would say “you can hear God”. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Today, listen for His voice.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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