In The Midst Of Change There Is Jesus

leejohndrowteamChange is inevitable.

How we think. What we think. What we do. What we choose to not do. People come and people go.

But what does not change is God and heaven’s promise and promises. God is not fickle.

The world and much of the church might suggest there is a need to seek His approval to get love. To gain acceptance. Huh? A God who died that all might have life sounds a little more inclusive than that. As I lay on my back this week in an area hospital He loved me as much as if I was out on the mission field. I did not earn it. I simply…believed.

I struggle with the idea that some see themselves as rule makers, the kingdom police. This week actually caused me to get angry with what I saw. I think they called them Pharisees a few thousand years ago.

I get “mark those who cause division” but I also see there is more to that scripture. I believe in keeping people safe.

But lately there seems to be more of the same. “Dot you ‘i’s’, cross your t’s”. The weightiness. The burdens.

We have a new brand of Pharisee that has entered the fray. But underneath it is the same message. Burden, burden, burden. Yet it smacks in the face of the scriptures that declare, “my burden is light, my yoke is easy.”

Imagine if you will two children arguing over the attention of the father. Arguing, bickering. The father comes to ask them to stop. (If you have ever had children or grandchildren, you know what I am talking about!) But there is multiple things often happening. The parent provides safety, so they are “out of the picture”. The argument may result over jealousy or “right-ness”. The kids are missing out on quality parent time. The parent is missing out on quality child time.

That is kind of what I am seeing lately. There is a wave of God’s goodness coming and people are infighting. One of the most telling issues of the heart condition, is whether someone can get something “better” than you and you can not only be “okay” about it but you are excited!

If someone else getting a word messes with you. Problem. If someone else getting something big, beautiful or better and you seethe underneath. Problem.

I have children and grandchildren. I have watched them play the “see what I got” card. That comes from a sense of lack. God is saying to His church, “I am more than enough”. Lack ought not be on our lips. Doubt not in our hearts.

We must move from jealousy and strife to loving God and living life. One of the things that happens when you are “in love” you begin to like and love what the person you are in love with, especially if it is God. “How good and how pleasant…” Psalm 133:1

I think there are some guards of the kingdom who are believing they love, sharing their concern, meanwhile adding “weight” to people’s lives. God is going to and currently is moving His people away from that cumbersome weight, that is hurting His people.

Their inability to be lead by God is hurtful to them and those they strike against.

There is a song called “I Shall Not Be Moved” and I remember singing it. It was a song speaking of trusting in God and not being moved. The song stems from some of the Psalms about not being shaken, moved by circumstance. I get that. But clearly many of these folks were nomadic in nature so often they were “moving”. But what was not being moved was God’s unshakable Kingdom. And the moved!

Conceptually, there are folks who got on with God, accepted and defined some truth in their lives and never moved from there. I get that. Salvation, wholeness and health. They do not move. But too many are pulling out their fine tooth combs and straining gnats! Making attempts to define “what is right and what is wrong”. I am not going to add my voice to some of these, but let me say “who gets what” is still tripping up many.

God is not really changing (Despite the fact it “feels” that way.) so much as He is revealing who He always was.

Last night I was mulling the demonic world and its attack. I understand that we have satan under our feet. What I was mulling is why he gets his shots. A friend of mine said to me once, “the devil only gets to do what you allow him too.” Pretty much I think that is true. But I think the bigger piece is where we see ourselves residing.

I need to truly understand where I am seated. If I allow myself to forget or move as a child of the king, I allow things in my life, I might not have, had I kept my head in heaven and understood my rightful place and current position.

I allowed myself to get sidetracked on a few issues recently. In retrospect, I can see where I allowed myself to think differently than I really am. (This is not mental ascension or a “thinking it away”, but a truth indicated by scripture.) [tweetthis]The easiest way to get robbed by the enemy is to forget you carry the gun![/tweetthis]

There is a move in the spirit of a “tipping over of the tables”. An overturn of religious systems and their weightiness upon the people. It is happening. That is why the voices of the Pharisee are sounding louder and louder. Stop making rules and start fulfilling truth.

Let me say this. It will be hard for you to prosper if you can not wrap your brain around someone else’s good fortune. (God is not looking for people to live in poverty but to prosper in the desert!)

[tweetthis]Change is inevitable but His kingdom is not. Embrace the way of the kingdom and all that it has for you.[/tweetthis]

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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