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To have an garden, you have to have an idea for it first. And before any garden can be put in place, someone has to have an “idea” for garden. Now God was the original “I want a garden” someone. One day (Well, before time was “real” …) God decided He would create a garden called Eden. And in that garden He had a plan for people, specifically Adam and Eve. A garden with people. He had an idea for it.

What is a garden? More importantly what is the idea that God brought forth into the earth? The idea of a garden. What does that look like? A garden is a place for something to flourish. A place for something to grow from. To blossom and at some point reproduce. To start the process all over.

God’s idea began to come to life. Out of the nothingness, things were called into place. His idea began to unfold. It became a place of life. A place of beauty. A place of reproduction. (And at some point it picked up a weed(satan) along the way.) But His idea was that man would live in a beautiful garden and have beauty, provision and something more than “black and white”.

Jesus had an idea for a “garden” as well. He called it the church! He had an idea for 5 corners of it to be girded up by the fivefold ministry. He thought that the church would grow (Galatians 2:20 …”but Christ lives in me”.) That it would bloom (Psalm 139:14 I am fearfully and wonderfully made) and that it would reproduce (Mark 16:15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.) in the earth.

And what about the garden that Paul called us(1 Corinthians 3:9)? What was the idea behind that? I believe that God’s idea (Not evolution or man!) was that His people, individually would grow in His goodness, bring forth beauty and multiply to carry forth His desire for children.

I believe that in looking at the above you see the desire of God to not just populate the earth, but see it provide and show forth His beauty, His glory. (It was beautiful in Eden and it will soon eclipse that)

Before He ever sowed a seed in the earth, He had an idea. That idea carried through to Jesus who had an idea for a garden in the earth. And the result of those ideas is that there would be a “garden of His goodness” in the earth.

The church is the garden of God because of the people. His idea is coming to pass. Even with the weeds of evil and despair. (I am not saying God was unprepared for that in His idea thinking. Simply making note.)

God’s idea for a garden and the results of that idea can be seen throughout the scriptures. Our understanding of His idea and implementation of that idea causes the beauty and the goodness of God to be shown in the earth.

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Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

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