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What Do You Do When The Lord Says No?

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

I was just sitting here working on the prophetic manual and studying. My energy has been pretty low. One nap down and contemplating another. And I was thinking about what happens when the Lord says “no.”

He said no to Paul in regard to Asia Minor at one point. He said no, to David keeping the illegitimate son of himself and Bathsheeba. There are more, I assure you.

My question began as I began to study New Testament prophets in leadership. I struggle, because I want people to “like me” but it is clear that not everything I say or a prophetic voice is going to make one happy.

Earlier I sat here thinking that the stage of complete dominion over the earth still does not mean we get “our way.”

I wrote about marriage the other day and people were offended. I wrote about priorities and filters and people were upset. I wrote about being nice and people were alienated. I wrote about light switches a month ago and people are still talking. I can only tell you what I believe the Lord is saying.

I remember when a prophet told me no. Was not the answer I sought or thought. But he was right. (Not all prophecies in my life have been right. (By the way, what makes a prophecy accurate? Yesterday, while in church, I told a man his town and his street. He looked dumbfounded. I felt dumbfounded. I had not clue why the Lord gave me that. Or for what reason.)

Do we really want prophetic people, functioning prophets in our midst?