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The Power Of His Love

marcell and IYesterday it was a gathering of my family. My five children and the grandchildren. It was the culmination of a great weekend. Family.

Folks often try to put labels on family. What it means? Where it goes? What it stands for? I think we can initially define it as a group of people connected by common bloodlines. Or relatives. Those in relationship. But as is the case in my family, a blended family is not unusual. Where children might have non-biological parents. (Or conversely, parents who have children “they were not directly involved with” biologically”.) Continue reading The Power Of His Love

When Your Children Move Away From God

Praying For Our Children

All too often I watch a parent see their children walk away from the church, leaving thoughts of Christ behind. The parent feels the failure. I have “been there.”

Let me first say I am not a “pastoral” gift” despite years of being the “pastor” of the church I started. I am a prophet, and the perspective I take here may be more prophetic than pastoral or teacher.

But more importantly I am husband, a parent and a grandparent. My view is in part based on scripture and my understanding of it combined with my experience. Between my wife and I we have 5 children. We have 6 grandchildren. We have been married for over 20 years. We have made a lot of mistakes. Continue reading When Your Children Move Away From God

Unraveling The Raveled – Pulling Light Out Of Darkness

Jacob, Jordan and Mariah
Jacob, Jordan and Mariah

One of the hardest things about being a believer is watching people, friends and family go through difficult times. Particularly those that are within their grasp to control. Too often the choices that one makes determine the quality of the answer.

What about choices? As one of my dear friends Roger stated at a funeral not too long ago in his own inimitable way.  “Get a job. Be a good person. Do not be a bum. Do not marry a bum. Do not let your kids be bums.” Over the years he has said similar things like, “if you do drugs the handwriting is on the wall.” Now both he and I believe God can help restore and bring those people into better circumstances. But so often it is choices…then and now. Continue reading Unraveling The Raveled – Pulling Light Out Of Darkness