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Past Your Pain Point


leejohndrowteamI thought about something a friend wrote yesterday. He was talking about the difference between a New Testament prophet and an Old Testament one.

Understandably, an Old Testament prophet would pronounce judgment on a nation. A New Testament prophet, however, can not ignore the fact that NOW we’re given a ministry of announcing, “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their sins against them…”. “Counting their sins” isn’t prophetic but seeing their destiny IS. Continue reading Past Your Pain Point

When God Says No

fearSo often in the body of Christ we get caught up in God being the ATM of all ATMs. “Ask and you shall receive” is what we learn and soon decide that is a great idea. Let me be honest in saying I sometimes pray that way, and maybe just maybe so do you if you are really honest about it.

And in the desire to give you full disclosure, I don’t always do “well” with no especially when it affects my finances. A little over a year ago, I became ill. I was so sick that I ended up losing my business. And that was on top of our home being destroyed. The good news is that the sickness was the result of environmental issues and solved by moving. The loss of income not so easily repaired. So, when my wife lost her job of nearly 12 years, things became a little more “difficult.” Continue reading When God Says No

Business Thoughts For The End of 2013

cropped-cover1.jpgThe next few days are going to be very busy for me (As well as my wife, Tina.) as we close out the year of 2013. What a wonderful year of family, friends, faith, fun and food.

2013 events included the April marriage of our daughter Amy to the love of her life, Manley. What an amazing time as Tina and I celebrated 20 years with her wedding in St. Lucia. And now they are expecting in May 2014. There is another addition coming to our family as well and we will update you on that shortly. In September Tina and I moved to a nice apartment to the north of downtown.

It has been a very exciting year at our local fellowship, The Village Church, where such an outpouring of the goodness of God and the building of friendships has been happening.

Love wins.

The next few days will be busy for many of us, but in this I just wanted to bring folks up to date.

What are we saying?
While getting ready to make declarations over our offering in our local fellowship, Mark shared from one of Steve Backlund’s books about the power of declaration. It reminded me of the book I wrote on declaration and decree. This book is called The Drones of Heaven. So many question what they are to say, how to say it, etc., and those reasons were some of the reasons I wrote this short book.  It is available in multiple formats here at the website. Use the following coupon code to save 50% through January 30th 2014. AK43P Coupon code (You can buy copies for friends and family.)

Over the next few days (Before the end of the year.) I hopefully will be posting the following articles I have been working on.

  • Word for 2014-The Lord has been prompting me with these thoughts and it was complete as I sat with two friends in a restaurant near the airport.)
  • Word for our local fellowship-This is nearly complete.
  • An article on deception-on my desktop
  • An article on polarization -on my desktop
  • An article on “how we get there” -on my desktop
  • An article on 5 chefs in the kitchen-on my desktop

Completion of the handbook for our prophetic rooms will soon be done.

I also am working on a few business plans that people have encouraged me to pursue. They include a “get together” app, a building community site and app, a site for helping small businesses and sellers. (Anyone who knows of a person or people that build apps, please let me know.)

My book’s most recent edit showed up over the holidays. I would like to find a couple of people who would be interested in reading it. Please contact me.

Guest bloggers-I am always looking for people with the capability to share truths about Jesus in a grace-filled way. Please contact me.

Other than prayer I would like to have the following occur:

  • App designer
  • Someone familiar with Smashwords and Createspace logistics for ebooks
  • Interested bloggers-both to write for us and to receive our blogs
  • Editors and people capable of assembling books

 The last area to update is Tina and I have been blessed despite here losing her job. Neither one of us has been hired to date despite interviews and such and yet God has taken us through it. With that in mind some have asked if the can send support of any type. The answer of course is yes. We have a Paypal link here on the site or click the “donations” button at top.

As we close out 2013, I want to say thanks to each of you who have participated in our lives whether in prayer, phone calls or emails. We love you.






In A New Season

Don’t lose your vision.

I am in a new season of my life. So many things have changed in the last year. Only a little more than a year ago I was in the publishing business. Then mysterious illness overtook me. One day I was up and the next day I was violently ill. It caused me to not be able to go ahead in what I was doing.

The next year was pretty crazy and here I am. Sickness was caused environmentally so moving resolved it, but I had a lot of time to think.

What I am finding and being encouraged in is something new. It has to do with where I fellowship and what I do. Team building and education are two of the big parts. Continue reading In A New Season

A Labor Day Thought September 2013

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Ever since I was a child, the idea of being creative, building things and selling them has been in my head. As a child I worked on a neighbor’s small farm for money. I picked, cleaned, fed and more. From his garden I would buy vegetables, seeds and the like that I could resell. I learned to make cutting boards and boxes in my dad’s workshop that I sold. I started a lawn mowing “business’ that paid me $5 for the average lawn. (Gas was 25 cents!) When I got too many, my brothers helped out and got paid. I started delivering newspapers for 2 hours a day and got paid $2. Shortly after that I went to work in a garage pumping gas at 10 years old. I loved it. The owner let me work on Saturdays and gave me a split from the tire changes and oil changes with him. Good for him –- good for me! Continue reading A Labor Day Thought September 2013

A Quandary

dontworryA Quandary Like so many these days, I feel as my life is a quandary. Perplexing. I read the news. I look at the changing events across nations. I watch economies shift and slide. And in the midst of it, my natural self rebels at the changes I am forced to “go through.” Why? Because I am caught in the issues of the globe! I have watched my business change as other businesses have floundered and gone out of business. I wonder what is going on as so many do. But I trust God. Continue reading A Quandary