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Your Life Is About To Change

goldcoinI love those words. “Your life is about to change!”

Your experiences will dictate how you receive those words. Are you thinking “Oh, no! Here we go again!” or are you excited, looking forward? Experience and your reality of the past determine your understanding and capture of a future. But often your reality is not the reality of heaven. And it is heaven and its dictates that are crucial to living a supernatural life in Him. Continue reading Your Life Is About To Change

Running Fast Running Free

Don’t lose your vision.

When I was 13 I attended a camp that had lots of canoe and hiking trips. One of our trips was canoeing the Saranac Lakes of New York. We had gone through the locks and been out on the lakes for a few days. One of our counselors thought it would be a good idea if we hiked one of the area mountains. As we climbed, it was a beautiful, clear and hot day. When we arrived at the summit(Ampersand Mountain) you could look around for miles. (Gosh, do I love the Adirondacks!) Continue reading Running Fast Running Free