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My Peace I Give To You

leejohndrowteamThere were flashes in the air as the bombs went off. The small group abandoned their vehicle and headed for cover. They were more concerned for their safety than they were for the food and the vehicle that was left on the road. They brought music and were not prepared to fight whoever these people were. Continue reading My Peace I Give To You

A Little Dirt Never Hurt…

preachingatvillage“Get the bubble wrap Mildred. We gotta protect the kids.” Do you really do that? So many folks are running around trying to make it perfect that they are missing the point of life. To live it.

My dream had me walking up to someone preparing to blow a hall in a wall. It was almost as if the wall was like that that went around a prison. I could not stop it and when I awoke, I realized I was not to stop it. It was important to setting the captives free! Continue reading A Little Dirt Never Hurt…

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled!

leejohndrowteamA few days ago my son and I were walking as we often do at work. Our break is a loop. The loop takes us past government buildings and brings us uphill to a walking/bicycle path. As we approached the small hill to get to the path, I heard a very loud noise. I joked that “I hope they are working up there, because that sounds terrible.” As we neared the tree line, it became evident it was not a man but an animal of some type. We reached the path and turned to the right. The noises increased. It was painful to listen to. My son moved a little closer and said, “it’s a hawk in a nest.” A small bird was sweeping in to try and move it. The bird was “shrieking” at the hawk and the hawk’s response was a guttural cry. It appeared that the hawk had moved in to take over the nest, perhaps eating the small birds. Continue reading Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled!

Trading Good For God

preachingatvillageAll that glitters is not gold or so the saying goes. Actually the words came from Shakespeare in The Merchant Of Venice, where it says “all that glisters is not gold”. The meaning is the not everything that is shiny is necessarily valuable.

As a child I would go to the local rivers and dig up “gold” or fool’s gold (Pyrite). Later, I had an amazing pyrite collection, along with some beautiful real gold nuggets. But the pyrite was worth little. And that is the point of the phrase. Lots of things can look like gold but it does not mean they have the same value as gold. Are they?  Hmmm…Probably not! Continue reading Trading Good For God