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All Change Is Preceded By…

leejohndrowteamThere is a quote that says “all change is preceded by chaos.” Even if that is true, it is the man or woman who can take chaos and bring forth meaning and change of the God kind I am seeking.

God brought order out of darkness. Continue reading All Change Is Preceded By…

Update August 21st 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

Today I devoted a lot of time to prayer. Not because I had to but because it was just one of those days.


  • Interrupted Process
    I have completed 90% with waiting to see what changes will be required. I know not everyone speaks “lee” and probably should not be required to!
  • Prophetic Manuals
    A friend and fellow prophetic voice has offered to work with me in the process of organizing and getting manuals 101-2-3-4 done. Thankful!
  • The Drones Of Heaven
    It continues to sell and I am thinking I am going to upgrade it soon. Available on ITunes and more.
  • Podcast
    The new podcast system is working well and have been listened to more than 60 times in the first 2 days.
  • Help
    Someone has offered to assemble into book form my writings.

Thankful for those coming alongside to help.