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Temptation And The Power Of It

Here ducky, ducky!
Here ducky, ducky!

I find the power of temptation is to appeal to something you may have previously engaged in or been part of. The temptation is designed to “pull you away” from a pathway. Not so much the pathway of righteousness, but the pathway of understanding who you are in Him. The temptation is created to cause doubt, fear or condemnation to occur.

The devil is a defeated foe (John 12:31, 16:11) who lives his life as the father of lies. (John 8:44) But God who is faithful has built roadblocks. (1 Corinthians 10:13) He has given you a way out. Continue reading Temptation And The Power Of It

A Failure To Communicate!

cansFailure to communicate is a fact of everyday life. “Nobody told me.” “I couldn’t open my e-mail.” “I didn’t get the message.”

I need to talk about something people do not realize. Facebook is not the ultimate communication.

“But it is Facebook, people place a lot of reliance on it.” Can I say something? DON’T!

So many of us use Facebook, we often ask “what did we do before?” As someone who uses Facebook for both personal, ministry related and business, I think on some levels I am qualified to speak about some discoveries. (Plus being on the internet since 1995. Yes, there was an internet, not invented by Al Gore!) Continue reading A Failure To Communicate!