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Bearing Straight! Because We Can!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I started to write on a dream I had. (Riding a swimming horse. Getting out of the water. Sharks. Nets. A light house. The Bering Strait, reins and a bridle.) I chose not to.  (Other things were on my mind.) I began to change gears only to see the revelation coming… Continue reading Bearing Straight! Because We Can!

The Morning After Thoughts

Today we wake up to “more of the same” or is it? Folks, we wake up to the America we knew was divided and we see the reality of it. It is reflected in the wins and the losses. What has concerned me more over the months has been what I have described as a “civil war“, an oxymoron in word terms. (Personally, I would like to avoid that!)

My close friends know this is the scenario I saw, though I take no glory in it. 4 years ago much of America began to wake up. 4 years later I envision more to awaken. Continue reading The Morning After Thoughts