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God Focused – Family Centered


Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my family. I had my 3 of my grandchildren over as well as my daughter. A lot was going on. The funeral for a friend was one. Making sure I gave the children the time they needed and wanted. Getting ready for a turkey dinner was on the agenda and at one point I took them to look at the house my son and his wife are purchasing here in Keene. (And that lead to going around a looking at other homes for sale.) Finally we got home for dinner and a movie. Continue reading God Focused – Family Centered

Love Was Given That You Might Live

leejohndrowteamIn my dream I was helping people as they came to me for prophetic words. They would seek me out in restaurants and businesses they knew I frequented. It seemed like myself and our team were doing the right things. People would come, receive their prophecy and change their lives. Continue reading Love Was Given That You Might Live

A Move Of God Is A Move Of Love

Two dream settings

One was a school room for a get together of friends from a church I was involved in. In the dream people were invited to the gathering with the concept that our “agenda” was to love people. The difficulty came as we sat at tables to talk. After a while people began to walk out. They wanted teaching!

People went outside and finally returned after being upset that there was no “agenda”. Even in the re-announcement of what the purpose was people were disappointed that not more revelation was going to be given. (Funny they went outside to be “friends” with one another.)

The second dream was like a very large school. Huge areas, lots of students. But while I was walking around I sensed this shift.  A very clear division had begun to arise. What was supposed to be two sides of playing together began to turn very ugly. As I headed towards the stairs a young man with a rifle appeared and began to cut off my entrance to the open stairway. He came right at me and ran into me pushing me to the side. Others began to fight. Continue reading A Move Of God Is A Move Of Love

How To Lose Polarization In 6 Days

can we talkI could only hope! Last night I wrote, “I love my friends.” I do. I really do. And I have friends across the spectrum. I have friends who are the antithesis of most of what I believe, in fact. I have friends who are not Democrats, not liberal, not believers, not heterosexual. I have friends who probably step way over the lines towards anarchy and others who think “too much government” is not enough.

The other day I made a comment about various aspects of the government and some were concerned. Let me make it clear, I think we are in trouble and the answer is in us and not in a top heavy government. With that said, my answer lies in Christ and not in man. Continue reading How To Lose Polarization In 6 Days

Duck Dynasty and A & E

prddI read with great interest the debate that blossomed yesterday over the statements Phil Robertson made and A & E pulling him off from the show.

I like him and the show. I may not agree with things that he says from time to time, but that is his right and my right. And any conversation I might have would probably not be seen flashed across the pages of Facebook and Twitter. (I wrote my letter to A& E.)

One of the best comments posted was by his granddaughter, Sadie. “Prayer is the best conversation of the day. It’s better to go to God before taking it to someone else.” Continue reading Duck Dynasty and A & E