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Leaving Lasting Impressions


leejohndrowteamToday my grandson Jacob will head back to his home after being here over a week. Honestly, upon getting up and thinking on that, it caused me sadness. For me, having him here has been a real joy. We have talked about everything from food, to God, fun and work this week. Children. Innocence. Laughter. (Yesterday morning he woke up early so we could hang out before I went off to work.)Because of him being here a lot of things went undone. Continue reading Leaving Lasting Impressions

The Awkwardness Of An Age

alyssacamera 004Even in the darkness of the camping area there was no fear. Oh, there were the trees that formed shadows and the noises of the night that caused a check in my walk, but it was startling and not fear creating. I knew where I was going and not even in the darkness was I fearful.

I had a pretty interesting dream this morning. It vacillated between the innocence of being a child and the darkness that seemed to await those that wandered off the properties. It reminded me of Batman’s Gotham City, the camp I attended as a child(Keewaydin)and the reminder that while a child’s  life may be awkward it is but a season. Continue reading The Awkwardness Of An Age

A Revival Of Innocence

MarcelI woke at about 5 and as I lay there I thought but for a moment on what I had lost over the years. Not just me, but many. Perhaps it is just nostalgia. Maybe something that “can not be” but it triggered something in me.

Last night I attended a Vacation Bible School at our local fellowship. It is one of the best times of the year for me. Why? Because in so many areas it “reminds” me of what I grew up with. Now, I did not grow up in a church or ever attend a VBS (Nor do I think I was ever invited to one.) or anything related to the concept. But what it reminded me of was, a more “innocent”time if you will. Continue reading A Revival Of Innocence

Preserving The Innocence

2013-12-07 07.11.30I have started no less than 7-8 stories, words, etc., and the pages just stare at me. Windows open, emails open, Facebook pinging and a desktop that irritates my wife because my order is not her order. And the kids have come down here to flashing Christmas lights, snow on the ground and music about Christmas.

Innocence- Lack of guilt. No wrongdoing. Not evil.

Last night I had the opportunity to get my Christmas tree. My granddaughter, Mariah and grandson Jacob climbed in the car and went tree shopping. I had waited all week to do this. We went down to a particular tree yard and after looking at a few we selected the tree. While they prepared to cut off the bottom (When Mariah saw the 12 year old boy start that chain saw, I saw stars in her eyes.) and wrap it to tie it on the car, the kids were offered candy canes. When we got in the car Mariah said “that was really nice of them. They were really nice.” (She also told me the boy getting to run the chain saw was “pretty cool.” I think she is looking for pink construction shoes!) Continue reading Preserving The Innocence