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Sound Barriers

Fire, forward, fast
Fire, forward, fast

Sound barriers are made to be broken.

For the last couple of days I have been contemplating sound barriers. It began when I went to give a prophetic word to a friend of mine. I heard the Lord say something about sound barriers when I heard a loud noise. At first I thought it was “Thunder snow” but then I realized it was it was a breaking of the sound barrier in the spirit. Continue reading Sound Barriers

With Christ There Is More To Love

Yesterday I shared two dreams. My “concern” after reviewing them was that people are separating and leaving love behind.

Within 12 hours or less, I “ran” into a couple of things that just “prove” my thinking AND my need to act in an opposite spirit. An opposite spirit is for instance when someone sows discord you sow harmony, peace and grace. Continue reading With Christ There Is More To Love