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Will They Know?


break chainI had someone tell me that people would not be pleased with my word about a particular subject. That the church would reject the word I gave. I have never found myself to care whether a word is rejected or accepted. What is more important to me is whether my community accepts me or rejects me. Whether they care about me. Like others I have made my share of mistakes and perhaps I will again. Actually, it is proved that if you are still breathing, making a mistake is high on the list! Continue reading Will They Know?

Have You Thought This Out?

leejohndrowteamI think one of the biggest questions in the kingdom ought be this when it comes to the idea of questionable or unusual behavior. I also think the response to it determines what is really going on.

Have you thought this out?

I am finding in the midst of an increased understanding of grace an increase of resentment and rejection of correction. I say this is not a response to religion but a revealed immaturity. Continue reading Have You Thought This Out?