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Don’t Lose Your Peace


leejohndrowteamThis morning an alarm went off on my phone. I was notified of the Google hack and advised to immediately review my account. (I already knew. By the way-when was Google going to send us a letter?)This is not a lesson in security but in the ways you can lose your peace. Unfortunately, because of “how” I process I missed the “check here” button (Later finding out my account was NOT one of the hacked accounts. But I did go through all the methods of changing passwords, additional security and more.) Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Peace

Relationship or Religiosity – Two Dreams

leejohndrowteamLast night was one of my more “unusual” dream nights. As I awoke around three, one of my dreams had been simultaneous with a second dream. It was if I was watching two programs on different TV’s at opposite ends of the building. Not just two dreams, but I was not even in the same place as each was occurring.

The first dream had to with people who were under siege. They had watched their community slowly give in to a company and its unethical treatment of employees, its surroundings and the community. New signs and stoplights appeared to “regulate” the traffic. New restaurants and stores in keeping with the people of the workplace, but out of touch with the average citizen. Roads began to deteriorate with the traffic in and out. At first it was guards but not too long after it was security walking the streets. There was talk of a new “police” force. Continue reading Relationship or Religiosity – Two Dreams

The Lord’s Hand Is Not Too Short

preachingatvillageI have lots of unusual dreams, but last nights was perhaps one of my most bizarre. It was over a few “dream spaces”, interrupted by awakening and still kept coming. I suspect there is a greater measure related to the “Easter weekend” but it still took me by surprise.

In the dream I was on an island in the middle of a large lake. I could hardly see the shore line. I thought the island “looked” familiar. There was security roaming the island. Despite the impression of it being on a lake, somehow I felt that we were encountering tides. Continue reading The Lord’s Hand Is Not Too Short

Going Up To The High Places

As we stood in the line I recognized my young friend. His first time at the building he moved towards me in the line. We talked about what we were sharing. Our latest inventions. As the line moved we were required to get out our licenses, a credit card and a submission card from the company. We presented our ideas and signed the sign in sheet. Walking to the elevator I noticed a number of people walking into a room on the first floor. As people got on the elevator the atmosphere was quiet.

The elevator moved to the next floor. A small group of people got off. As we moved up to the next floors more people got off. Finally, it was just my young friend and myself. We got off on the top floor. Walking to the desk we were required to once again ID for security.

We were escorted into a large conference room. Large windows over looked the city. No one there but he and I and the world.

I awoke from the dream.

As I waited for the thoughts to clarify, I had this sense of excitement building. The scriptures tell us that “God is the Creator of witty inventions.” What will we do with that? The same God who in Genesis 1:1 created all things.

I thought “is this really about inventions?” I think not.

Lately I have been pondering a class, “seeing the impossible to be possible”. It is not enough for me to read about the miraculous, nor even to believe it, but to see it manifested. When we saw Jesus in Matthew 16 He was creating something supernatural out of the natural. Something did not exist and yet it was coming. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Making something to be impervious to the corruptions and the “wear and tear” of life.

My young friend represented a generation that is up and coming by natural standards, but he and I are of the generation that is chosen, royal and and able to do great exploits. The same generation…

Just as only the moment before a woman is pregnant and a child does not exist so is darkness with potential. Yet in the next moment “a child is born”, so is the creative force of the Lord found to be in man for the purpose of CREATION. Not just for art or music, or inventions or creations, but even for the very changing power of death(Why die when you do not have to?) into life, sickness in to divine health. Just as a pregnancy is started in the fires of a moment so is the creative powers of the Lord being expressed through you and I.

Not everyone will “get there” but I am convinced if we persevere and contend for the top, we will receive the top. The papers we presented at the desk? Our security is to be found in Him, our license to “practice” in that which He has perfected. The credit card representing the provision of the Lord in our lives. And the “submission” card, our lives given over to the One who loves us.

My young friend sees things differently than I do, but at some 20 years old, he is being wowed by the Lord. Only a few months ago, he did not even know the Lord. But in a moment, as for so many of us, his life was changed. What was dark was lightened by the “let there be light” moment that occurred. He is part of the generation here on earth that is dramatically changing the earth.

Going up!

Seeking The Heart Of God For His People

Dream 1292014

Lately both my wife and I have been having numerous dreams. God is “up” to something.

thankful-scriptA thank you to all my friends, family, readers and mentors over the years.  Thank you for all your support.

New England-the future is bright. Thank you to the many who have read and shared the word on New England. It is getting amazing.

Still processing a dream from a few days ago with some interesting thoughts.  Tom Selleck, Ben & Jerry’s, warehouses and such. My heart is to share what the Lord reveals to me when it is time. Some dreams and visions are only being placed on the blog from 5-10-20 years ago. (Read some of the archives.)

I am thankful for some of the amazing ministry and their people who have walked with me over the years. Men & women who helped me get a handle on gifting, understanding and life. Today I get to sow it back into upcoming people who need a hand. I long ago concluded that your gift was not for you but for those you serve and serve with. When we understand our gift is not to produce a name but to aid and serve the body of Christ, life is more in keeping with His purpose. And beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am super thankful for my wonderful friends and family at Village.

The last few days I have been seeing places in Maine and today I have already have been getting things for places like Maine. Maybe today-we shall see.

A short word for those who want to be in the fullness of what God is doing.

I feel that the Lord is saying “prepare your heart. Let the Lord make you whole and heal you. Incidents of discouragement, depression and even trauma, have allowed your heart to be calloused. A calloused heart is no longer vulnerable to love. It struggles to ‘live and breathe and have its being’. Allow for the time of healing to be full. Complete. This is not a salvation thought (though He desires you whole) or a demonic issue. This is a ‘you’ issue. The issue of tissue. Allow God to release healing balm into your heart. Oh He knows the pain and the hurt and the “I will never do that again’ moment. Trust the Lord on this. There will be people of love who enter your life. It will be more “issues with tissues” as the crying comes. Let the tears of bitterness be allowed to become tears of joy.”

My heart goes out to you this day.

In my dream last night, I was taken to a large warehouse. Acres and acres of building. Offices in various places, but the amazing thing was in the middle there was incredible music coming out of it. When I arrived at the gate I was greeted by security and given a pass. The pass was a way of them identifying who was there and where I was located at any given time.

As I walked through the building I ran into various friends from all seasons of my life. I met people from schools and workplaces, but the largest amount of people seemed to be centered around the season of the last 20 plus years in my life walking with Him. I could hear this music pulsing through the building. There were no visible speakers, but it was truly like a “pulse”. It appeared to be more of a warehouse, but there were areas that appeared ready to package, others to manufacture or to make and yet others that seemed to have no current value other than simply being there.

I found myself losing sight of the windows as we moved towards the central areas of the building. The loudness of the music increased and the light seemed different. As I got closer I met some of the sweetest people I had ever encountered in worship. Two of them were young women I had met many years ago. (I had played drums and percussion with during a season of travel and such.) They smiled as I walked over to them. They had cups of coffee and showed me the “snack bar”. As we talked I detected a sadness in both of them. A pain. A hurt. Somewhere deep in their souls. They were gracious and laughed but somewhere down deep there was pain. I asked if I could pray for them. As I did large tears began to strike the floor and gold appeared. The crying became sobbing. The sobbing became almost convulsive so deep was the pain. I hugged them and left them hugging one another.

I continued on through large aisles stacked with boxes and packages. I continued to run into various people. And then I came into a large room. There was the source of the music. As I looked to what might be a “stage” of sorts I saw the people were not real, but in fact appeared to be mannequins.

I found myself looking around the room. It was clear some amazing, historic things had taken place here. But something was not “right”. It was not just the plastic figurines or the words. It was a feeling of loss.

I awoke from the dream.  I immediately saw my two young friends from the dream and prayed for them. I prayed for others in the dream.

This dream presents a number of things that are very personal to me. Had the music not “been” good for me in my initial stages of Christianity I might not have stayed. As a worshipper I have been blessed to play music with some of the most amazing people in the world. Music was important to me. I think worship and the related understanding is important.

But, I also want to say that this dream does not pose an indictment against music, worship or any ministry area. I do believe there may be some warnings or concerns for anyone here. It also is not a reflection on any ministry or style of worship or type of church. (Personally, I am tired of the organic versus corporate church arguments. We need both!)

So what do I believe it is about? I will share some points and then share what I believe.

  • Large Building-I think this reflective of the church and its gathering. Less about the place we meet. I think it is large because the church is growing. Isaiah 9:7
  • Security-I see this as two fold. A concern about who is coming in or a tracking of that. I do believe there is a protection to be offered by leadership to protect people. I do NOT believe in the spirit of control. I also see that people are “getting in”. That is hugely good! I do not believe Christianity is a “badge” but a relationship with the one who loves you. The “badge” if any is a circumcised heart. I do not think the “tracking process” is anything other than an exercising of control and I do disagree with that. Call it “warning” if you like. (It is not the mark of the beast and one world church…)
  • Building-Christianity is not a building, but a building is a place to meet. Most of us in New England are excited about this time of year of getting together “in a building” when it is 6° outside! I do think it represents the collective of God’s people coming together.
  • Offices-I think that there is a difference or uniqueness in people and therefore in the job they do or the ministry they undertake. The diversity of gifting allows us to work together with one another. Not every person will do or be like another. This is the uniqueness of God Himself. It also means there is a place for you and I.
  • Music Pulsing-Whether music pulses or not, I do believe there is a pulse of worship. There is something about worship and being a worshipper that gives life. I think it is one of the drawing cards of God.
  • People From The Past-I believe the purpose of this was to give assuredness not only to me but to others that God is moving in and through people’s lives.
  • Less Windows, Different Light-I think that once we encounter God many things pale in comparison. I also think there is a time factor to our growth and clarity. A clearing of various things in our lives. We do not rely on the external as much as we come to know and trust the God who is on the inside.
  • Empty Rooms-This was an unusual one. It is not often a warehouse, office building or such will have unoccupied or empty spaces. Only yesterday I was talking to a friend from China and I mentioned “ghost cities” over there, the practice of building “empty places”. She shared that one of the most unusual things she encountered there was the “empty spaces”. She said the people of China did not see it as that. I understand that in America we build to “accommodate” something. But maybe the empty spaces in the dream are for something to come… Who will take that desk or pick up that ministry? It is clear too often we have tried to “fill a need” at the disenchantment of the person operating in the worn gift mix and the recipient of the service not getting what they need. I am thankful that there is no urgency or anxiety in God.
  • Two Women-My two friends are capable and anointed worship leaders. They are truly gifted. I think the issue was the trade for “glitz and glamour” for something manageable. The very thing that saved our soul was messy. The blood of Christ poured out. We often try to “sanitize” everything. My friends were broken in their hearts because they love God. Again this is NOT about worship or ministry but it is about heart. No one needs a “plastic Jesus” but we do need Him.
  • Packages-I asked about the packages. Clearly they represent gifts on the shelf. Not all gifts are for now. We quote Ruth and say for “such a time as now” and truly there is a now time. But we could easily look at Isaiah’s prophecy of the coming of Christ and His time was not yet. It was “not yet” at Cana He said. Can we live with “not yet”? I am not talking about healing and deliverance. I am talking about gifting, maturity and timing. Kairos moments are amazing. But how much of the “chronos” moments occurred to result in the kairos?
  • Music-I do not believe this dream is as much about music or worship as it is about heart conditions. A heart that loves God needs no externals of music, words or light. It enjoys them and accepts them adding to the value of the experience of God. Music is great but you are the “music” God had in mind. When Paul and Silas sang in a prison that music set the captives free. It is and never will be about performance. Make your gift better. Hone your skills. Whether it is music or soap making. But know that your gift is to please the King and possibly to serve others in the process.
  • Mannequins-I look at this and know that is not about music or worship but people. People want “real people” and that is the importance here. It is about not allowing unethical control to shape your life or experience to dictate your future. Your destiny is positioned in the heart and the purpose of God.

Too often the desire is to look at a dream or a prophetic word or a sermon and point fingers or feel condemned. “If only they would get it.” “Look at me God. I am a mess.” Friends today each one of us is at a crossroads. Choice is before us. Liberty given to us. Yet in the great scheme of things there is God. He is the one who loves you and embraces you.

If you have made your life a performance let me encourage you to stop. Seek those that care about your future. If you have messed up or feel you have “missed” God today is your day. His hand is outstretched towards you.

If you feel you have to argue about place or position you may have missed the whole point here. He has positioned you in Him. Through His Son Jesus. High above principality and power. In a place of Love.

I know that it is Him who makes us whole. Don’t rest your heart “waiting” for a moment but today make a moment.