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Be Of Good Cheer For I Have Overcome

Prepared Not UnpreparedYesterday I wrote about fear. Fear manifests itself in many ways. It can occur when you look at your wallet or bank balance. It can strike when sickness enters into a life.

Each day I read the news. Ebola, Isis, borders, Israel and more. Continue reading Be Of Good Cheer For I Have Overcome

The Victory Is Mine!

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

If there is one thing I have figured out about the Lord is He loves a winner. But His method and manner of getting a winner often begins with one who has lost a time or two. Or is too small. Or too weak. But somehow the miracle working power of the Almighty Himself changes a person into a winner. He takes the normal everyday life of a man or woman and supercharges it. Continue reading The Victory Is Mine!

Character And Grace

preachingatvillageWhile reading the news this morning in the quiet I have before the day starts, I thought how different is life these days. How much do people really think is important? How much responsibility do they think they have? If there is one thing that defines character, it is most likely accepting the responsibility for “failure” and doing something about it. Continue reading Character And Grace