An Abundance

radishWhen I was young, I bought this old house next to our store. The yard had been a “mill river” running the grist mill in the garage area. The previous owner and friend had witnessed the water rising too high and too fast one rainy weekend and brought his excavator in the next weekend and diverted the water. (Uh…you can’t do that now!!)
Where the river had been, I wanted a garden.

I always liked gardens, so I decided to make a go of it. What started out as a small garden overtook me. Nearly 250 feet long and 150 feet wide. (How crazy was that?) I bought books from a company called Rodale at the time. Bought all the seeds in the store and became a regular at Agway Farm Supply. I ordered a dump truck load of cow manure and went to work. Suffice to say I had “EVERYTHING!” At least a dozen different kinds of tomatoes, hot to “cold” peppers, kohlrabi, bok-choy and more. I invested in a special hoe and became a “farmer“.

Well, our store soon could not keep up with the amount of produce coming forth. So, I loaded up the dump bed of the Jeep and headed to farmers markets and restaurants. You name it and I had it. Even a “hot” black radish!

I drove my fiancee and family crazy. Even my future father-in-law, a green thumb man would walk the rows in amazement.

I think God is a lot like that. I think if you will give Him the space, he will bring the “implements” of His work and the seeds of His goodness and “grow” a garden of abundance in your life.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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