Big Brother Is Watching You!

conspiracyHa! You thought I was going to talk about the 200 million emails a day the NSA has been watching. No, what I want to talk about is even more insidious, darker and more sinister. Mindsets!

A few weeks ago I prophesied romance is in the air. That this is the year for many who have sat, waiting. Thinking life has passed them by and God forgot their number. I have recently prophesied increase for some, respite for others, restoration of family and more. These are all what most of would say are good things to speak, to desire to see occur in people’s lives. Yet some were disturbed and let me know.I think it is really easy for people to pray or prophesy over others. Until they receive what has been prayed for or what has been prophesied. Then things begin to change.

Many years ago in a small church, soon after I had been saved, I had made a couple of “left” turns. My marriage at the time had fallen apart, I was mad at God and I left. I made the decision to leave my friends and family behind and go to Florida. Suffice to say that did not work out well and I returned to New England 6-7 weeks later. My tail between my legs, I settled for being “lower than worm spit.” Broke and busted, I agreed to a construction job, building with a friend, for $1 per day plus room and board. I felt guilty and was treated guilty for the things I had done.

I returned to church, but people avoided me, talked down to me, about me and around me, but honestly I thought I deserved their condemnation. (Needless to say anyone who reads my work or knows me recognizes that is NOT what I believe.) People prayed for me but there was sense of “he is getting what he deserves.”

My friend Dan wrote this the other day and I thought it important. “The Lord spoke to me yesterday and said He would not heal my heart through poverty, He will heal it through blessing. Poverty mindsets have taught us that being a victim is somehow Christlike. Jesus was a conqueror and not a victim. Don’t wait for some angel to stir the waters when you are the one called to stir. Procrastination never brings breakthrough, it brings prison.”

I have noticed many who need a crisis as that “connects” them to God and to others. The difficulty is they are always looking for a crisis.

So here I was in this church fellowship where I felt like an outsider. From the inner circle to the outer courts! Certain people did in fact reach out to me, but most pulled away. Even those that had previously spent tons of time with me, moved away.

I accepted the condemnation, the $1 a day and I was grateful for my life. Grateful that I had not died in Florida, was seeing my children and life was okay.

Part of my agreement was I had 40 days to find another place. (On $1 per day.) As the time shortened, I began to get a little nervous. Oh, I put on my game face.  And one day (day 39) I decided to go to a meeting and sit in the back. (I used to joke that sitting in the back for me was like “slopping the pigs” in the prodigal son’s story.) Three rows from the back. A guest speaker was coming that morning. Before service, a friend asked me if I had a stamp and I said yes. She offered me a quarter and I began to refuse, but she was relentless and I accepted it and felt I was to put it in the offering.

The man began to preach and then he stopped. “Is there a Lee in the house?” As I looked around I thought there has to be at least three. But soon fingers began to point at me.

My experience with prophets was not all that cheerful up until that time. They would find me, announce my wrongdoings and go on, leaving me devastated and others gloating. So as this man began to move towards my hidden position, panic began to go off inside. Others began to move their chairs away from me.

He walked up to me with a large smile on his face and said, “Son, you were wrong. Everyone in here knows you were wrong. But the good news is God is not mad at you. And today He is going to supernaturally show you how much He loves you.” He threw a $50 bill on the floor in front of me. He began to prophesy over me and he said to the congregation “do not deny yourself a blessing. Get over here!” And the worship team jumped to the stage and played and for nearly an hour people came and put money on the floor in front of me.

The pile of money grew that morning and he prophesied over me three times that morning, now afternoon. That day I signed a lease for an apartment in town. The man I built for agreed to pay me $25 per hour. I got a car with the money from that morning paying cash. A young woman gave me a full apartment’s worth of furniture and furnishings. People stocked my apartment with food. Every day for months there was food at the door or a gift. I got a super job in Westport Connecticut. And within a month I was dating my wife Tina.

Life was good…for me. But people were mad. They went to the pastor and complained about how they had done everything right and “Lee was wrong! Where is God in “our” situation! The “older” brother ran to accuse me. I was devastated. I lost friends. In their minds the prophet was right, except for my words.

Lately I have seen people blessed. A lot of people. And even with all the grace that is talked about and what I believe and teach, I sometimes feel a “twinge” of “what about me” in the air. Why them???

We are in the midst of a move of grace that is unprecedented. I recognize some will take advantage of it. Abuse it. But our position is to be a blessing and a blesser. This is not the time to let “sour grapes set your teeth on edge.” You may miss it because of your anger or sense of justice. I encourage you to avoid disappointment for it can open the door and the traps of the enemy.

In an old fable by Aesop, a hungry fox noticed a bunch of juicy grapes hanging from a vine. After several failed attempts to reach the grapes, the fox gave up and insisted that he didn’t want them anyway because they were probably sour.

I have recently seen people become jealous over another’s good fortune.  Then the sour grapes appear, “winning a million dollars would just be a big hassle anyway.” Yeah…okay! I see jealousy or judgment over a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new vehicle or home or the healing of someone.

At the root of it is jealousy. Followed by a wrongful sense of justice. I know I did not deserve anything that happened in that period of good fortune, but God loved me. And He is no respecter of persons. Living in a “they are getting what they deserve” world when disease, hardship or poverty come in is a setup from the enemy.

We ALL deserved death. But we received what Jesus deserved instead. And He received what we deserved.

It is time to understand that rejoicing with others is a doorway to your miracles and blessings. Not just the giving part BUT rejoicing part as well. One must not be operating with the mindset of the NSA (Not Satisfied At All) but moving in the knowledge that one is blessed we are All blessed.

I am excited for friends who have a new house or a new car. Who won the lottery or received and inheritance. (I admit sometimes I want to say “they don’t deserve it.”) I want to be the church’s best cheerleader when blessings come. I never want to sit there and think “well, what about this?”

Judgmental thinking coupled with condemnation will only lead you to a place of bitterness and disappointment.  It will open the doors to gossip, lack of mercy and heartlessness. Who cares if they “do not deserve it”? Consider getting your heart “checked”. Do you think people deserve what is going on when something bad happens? Do you jump on it? Pounce on the reasons why?

It may be time to let the Lord remove the scuffs and calluses from your heart. Ever pray or prophesy something only to see it happen? At first you may be like, WOW, but then the insidious thinking starts to creep in and you are like “where’s mine?” That folks is the next thing to go in the body of Christ.

There are a lot of blessings going on that I do not understand, perhaps do not even think are “right” but I have learned that I want to always cheer the blessings because the other team is the losing side. So, stop being Big Brother and get inside your Daddy’s house and do as Nehemiah said, “eat the fat and drink the sweet.” Enjoy the blessings!

I am excited for romances. Excited for prosperity. Excited to be on the team with so many blessed friends and family. And I hope you will be as well!


Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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