Can You Hear The Train?


leejohndrowteamWe walked around looking at the track. One section of the train track was in need of repair. And then there was the train itself. The chief came over to us and said “everything you have been doing is on hold. The only thing I want from you is to get this train up and running”.

Now, even as I meditated about this dream, I knew this was a tall task. But, I also thought how much I loved to learn things. How much I desired to know all the names of the flowers in the field or someone’s garden. What mushrooms were edible and which were not. How motors came apart and went back together. As a child I wanted to know everything! Now as an adult I pursue God about “everything”.

Back to the dream… My friend and I began to work on the train itself. We got friends to work on the track. This train was important to the community because it brought people to the far reaches of the town itself and over into the next for supplies and services. We worked diligently on the train. The men and women working on the damaged segment of track were working hard, but were at a loss as to how to repair some of it. I went over and visited them. This segment of track was right in front of the station. It had to “perform”. We discussed it and I gave them some suggestions. The day came. The train was running. This train had never moved at more than 36 miles an hour. But as the train moved off on its maiden run, the numbers were soon at 68MPH. 68? WOW! As the train began to be heard on the back side of the river everyone was cheering. The noise became louder. It came into view and it reflected off the river. Soon it was coming up to the station. As I looked at the segment of track that had been repaired. It seemed as though it was missing a short section of track! The train came in, with smoke and noise and the people were cheering loudly. I kept looking at the track. Nothing happened but I had a weird feeling about it.

I awoke at 3AM this morning and began to process. I was “transported” some how to some where I did not know. When I finally came downstairs, I had a ton of revelation and lots of knowledge, but I suspect that this was not the validation of the trip. Hours later I am not totally sure as to why I had to go somewhere to get something.

As I thought more on the dream I truly believe it has to do more with revival than I care to think. It is not that I think I should not think or want revival(I am talking on a community wide level.)it is just that every time you dialog about revival people check in or check out. And you often see “blank” stares coupled with “yes, I have been there, done that”. (Would you like to see my favorite revival short from ____? Fill in the blank with your fave!)Admittedly I adopted some of that myself. One of the most refreshing things about our church fellowship and even a home group on “hearing God” is so many never experienced that “wow, wow, wow!” moment(s). It makes me wonder “what if they get really hungry for the presence? For their community?”

Even as I saw the train in the after effects of the dream I was reminded of Robin Marks’ song from the early 2000’s. (I decided to listen to it while I am writing! I may not agree with all the theology but nothing can change the heart of the song!)REVIVAL.

What does the dream mean other than I think it points to revival? The need for someone to take on the task, to see a need for it. The “chief” in the dream is not a believer but a friend of mine. He is crass and sarcastic but he cares about people. In the real world he sees a need and gets to fixing it. Like Nehemiah reviewing the broken down condition of the city in the Bible, he saw the needs, the brokenness and said “we need to fix it”. He brought people who in the natural are equippers, people who know what to do from a generation gone by, who know the value of discipline and getting something done. We understood the workings of the broken engine, saw the needed repairs of the track. We brought the train up to nearly double its previous best speed!

But here is the concerning part that I think stands in our way of seeing community change. The “track” in front of the station. The place where it is most critical and most viewed. A substandard repair while potentially dangerous in the dream presents a danger in the natural as to what do people think as they get on board. It is easy to say “who cares? Me and four no more. Their problem.” NO! I think that is in fact very attitude that has kept our chairs and pews from filling. Not the “physical” care of the entrance though clearly that is important, but the heart of the people. The “on ramp” of salvation. What good is a roomful of kindergartners, tons of paint, reams of paper, if no one leads them to it? What value (Other than heaven) is salvation with nothing to do with it? Where will the transformation of a community come from? A family?

Yesterday I was in a memorial service and I could visibly see dark and light. So overwhelming was the “view” that I closed my eyes and prayed. Another said the same thing. I could see the flashes of light as demons and angels were moving about as if you through a rock into a darkened water with feeding fish and they scattered, the “light” of their scales reflecting the brilliance of the sun.

At least from where I stand things are becoming “more visible”. Our building programs will be less about new buildings (At least initially.) and more about building programs to disciple and train. The visibility of spiritual activity is sometimes overcoming to me. Exciting, “frightening” and always leaving me with the why’s. Why now? Why here? Why at all? Why? Why? Why?

I suspect life is about to get very exciting. My prayer is for the leaders in this hour that they would have wisdom and understanding. I feel the release to speak it into existence. That “R” word. Revival. Can I say, coming to a community where you are?

People do get frightened about the excitement of God showing up. What do we do? Where do put them? How do we feed them? How do we disciple them? I suspect you don’t give birth until God says you do… In His time, in His season. Apparently, I am feeling it is now. I heard the words “turning the tide”. Turning the tide. It has a nice ring to it.

Where will you be? What will you do? He has answers. Ask.

Our lives are about to take on change. Every time I have had these feelings and insights things began to change. I suspect change is often the calling card of the Lord. That the God who “never changes” likes to see things changed, transformed. I sense He is viewing this with pleasure and joy. And that fills me with pleasure and joy. Life is getting ready to exponentially better.

As Pacific Gas & Electric used to sing, Are You Ready?

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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