I Just Want To Write!

leejohndrowteamI am working through the idea that there is a book out there. My book The Interrupted Process is on the market. This is a snippet from it.

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Interrupted Process: Getting From Here To There

Interrupted Process-what is it? The word “interruption” speaks to
a break in the flow of something. While someone is talking, an
interruption or “breaking in” may take place as a small child comes
into a room crying. “Process” is the procedure or a series of actions or operations conducing to an end.

When I describe an “interrupted process”, I am talking about a
procedure that is interrupted by something. A peaceful drive is interrupted by a flat tire. A family’s life is changed by a dreadful sickness or accident.

It would be an unusual person who has not had a process or two

Many of my friends know just how long this took to get there. Over 2 years.

The story had been in my heart for many a season. I knew writing was in my blood. My grandparents wrote. There was a famous author on my my mom’s side. My brother wrote his. But I got stuck.

In 1995 I began to write with a passion. With over 10,000 people on my mailing list, I often wrote thousands of words a day. As one prophetic voice said to me, “you can’t help it”. Articles, books and columns filled my computer. But they could not get out to be a book. (One hard drive has daily writings for 6 years. I never missed a day. I had a mailing list deadline.)

One day I was in a meeting with a man, Sir David Manuel. He was an author, a publisher and had been part of a number of companies. He looked at me and said. “I see an oak tree with many leaves. Each one of those leaves are books to be written.” I heard it, but while I could write, getting the rest done evaded me.

I researched. I needed to figure out formats, editing, publishing and more. I JUST WANT TO WRITE!

And so I continued to write. I started three newspapers. I wrote weekly columns, daily articles and my editor and creative folks made sure it got into print. Then as the result of the house we lost developing black mold I became ill. I lost my company.

Yet everywhere I went people said “when will we see books?”

A few years ago, I began to develop a now or never attitude. But even that became held up in “traffic”.

I wrote the story in a weekend. But then what? I asked a friend to review it. She made some quick changes. Another friend jumped into the water. She was very helpful, but said “things need to be moved around”. Now I was over my head. I do not know how to do that. So another period of time went by. I thought if I get this done I will self publish it. My reviews of a few companies, left me wanting. Besides, it was not together. My wife lost her job and I was back looking for work.

During that time I found someone. She took it and said, “do you mind if I rearrange it?” Honestly I thought to myself, this is like taking a work of art and rearranging the pieces. I saw Frankenstein coming. But I said yes, saving 20 copies on various hard drives and locations, just in case! It came back. Okay-this looks pretty good. Clearly this was not me any more on some levels! Another friend read it. The holidays were coming. I investigated what I might need to accomplish this.

Here is what I learned along the way. You may have a story. But you will need an editor. (and not just to correct typos.)In my case I needed a person with a vision and one without. Then what to do about getting it into formatting. And the list of needs kept growing.

Earlier this year a publisher reached out to me. Even that was fraught with pitfalls, insecurities being raised. But, a few weeks ago, it came out. I am very thankful to all who were involved.

So here is my thinking in light of the last few years and having computers with thousands of pieces in them. And this is for me. The ideal would be to have someone(s) to just go through and harvest the pieces, assemble them and let me write. (My ideal situation would be a room with a computer and walls of white boards!) To have fun with it. (Three times over the years I have offered people my drives, my words and everything. I said “you can even put your name on it! Take it. Do it!” No dice.)

Having done this once, I have figured out a lot of things. I told a friend, I want to start a company. One arm to help writers, artists and maybe musicians. To get their works published. (In the 1980’s I represented a world famous artist. I learned a lot about artists! Let me just say that.)To develop a system of publishing aid and assistance. Perhaps a cooperative of sorts. To have formatting people, editors, creative works folks and more. Out of that I want to spin off a non-profit to educate people. To take working minds, creative minds and give them room to move.

What is next for me? I have two childrens’ book series in my computer. (Discovering history while embracing fun, creativity and more.) I have another childrens’ book series to help a friend and a ministry. Those have sat on hard drives for years. (I even paid for the art work for one that is sitting Florida.) My next book I am assembling, is on “I heard God”. I have 19 different titles with work to go along side it. They include prophetic works, observational and historical works and some are the results of dreams and visions.

I have multiple sites waiting for someone(s) to come along and say “I have the talent to do this one”. They include 3 “good” news only sites.

I recently launched a legacy site called “Your Story Goes Here”. You may want to review it.

And deep inside there is one large project that has been on my heart for 8 years. It lives and breathes. Currently there are but two people who are knowledgeable of that. It is my dream.

So, what does this have to do with prophecy? With ministry? Everything! Art, music and writing are creative forms of the Most High God. To embrace God is to wrap your arms around them But, clearly I am a prophet who can see but the technical “stuff” evades me. I know there are people out there who know this stuff and see the future.

To all of you who have had things that have interrupted you. Perhaps even white spaces of knowledge. I am praying for you. There is hope.

Even as I write this I see a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. It has sat there for many a year. But I saw divers discovering it and opening it. It always had value but it was hidden. Now it is being discovered.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

2 thoughts on “I Just Want To Write!”

  1. I read this with interest – I’ve asked myself the same questions; how, Lord? It’s one thing to write your thoughts and inspirations but quite another to put it all together in book form. I look forward to more of your journey revelations! I’ve also received a prophetic word (numerous times over the years) that I’m going to write a book, so your article helped me tremendously. Keep going!

    1. Hi Linda-Thanks for your response. If I had one word about the writing, it would be this. Don’t stop. Kepp writing. And give yourself some deadlines. Feel free to reach out. Blessings.

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