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Off The Treadmill To Still Waters

leejohndrowteamHamster wheels and treadmills.

Those two thoughts are often used to describe life when it begins to develop a momentum of its own or fails to get the user to where they need to be or desire to be. Since my short few days at the hospital last week I have taken a long, hard serious look at my life and what I need to change or at least put under the microscope. So many thoughts run through my mind as to how I arrived at this place. Continue reading Off The Treadmill To Still Waters

When Love Is The Answer…

2013-12-20 17.14.38Jacob said good night to me and turned to my wife and said “he is easy to love”. I thought to myself as I came downstairs, is that not what being more “like” Jesus is. In a world where life is seemingly getting harder, there needs to be more love.

My daughter Amy wrote this on her Facebook wall yesterday. “Is what you do daily making a positive impact on people? Are you leaving behind a legacy? Is what we consume our time with all worth it? Questions to ask yourself. Realizing that being busy all the time isn’t helping to live a life with purpose. Food for thought.” Continue reading When Love Is The Answer…