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Mastering The Moment

2014-09-21 13.20.19The greatest failure of a person may well be to miss out on “the moment”.

What moment? Well, maybe any moment. Just because it is not fun does not mean it does not have value. I understand that sickness and death are not fun. But, in the midst of those I learned compassion. To exercise grace. (As a believer I do not think either of those “moments” are necessary!) The normal routine is to wriggle out of pain or discomfort. But where are you wriggling to? Sometimes we must incur “pain” to arrive at gain. Continue reading Mastering The Moment

Changing Your World

In a dream, I found myself on an island helping a friend move off the island. There were all sorts of delays and finally all his belongings were put into a container and readied to leave. And then my job was to get to the airport and get on a plane to return to the US.

The decision was made to wait a few days rather than be pressured in the leaving.

I awoke with a sense of dissatisfaction because I had not left and felt as if something had not been completed. Continue reading Changing Your World

Seeds And Ideas Sown In Our Lives – The Idea Of Mixture

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

I have been on the subject of distraction for a week or so. (Though I am sensing a shift to “My grace is sufficient for thee…”) I see too often one of the greatest mindsets of the church to change is that, A-His grace is sufficient and B-The cross is where it “all begins.”

Frankly, much of the church has been selling a bill of goods while others are buying the bill of goods. What do I mean by that? We have been telling people what to do, removing their freedom, while the church has refused to take the time to think on its own. (Anyone who did was often pushed to the side because they had the “spirit of Jezebel.”) Continue reading Seeds And Ideas Sown In Our Lives – The Idea Of Mixture