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Gifting God

2015-11-06 11.05.36“Take the scissors and open the blades this much. Then push against the wrapping paper.” The shears quickly cut the paper.

That was my mom teaching me how to wrap a present. Whether it was socks, a boxed tie, a belt or some unusually shaped toy for a brother or sister. (Last night I showed my grandson, Jacob, some of the same techniques.) Gift wrapping was about the most fun of the season after the tree was up and in place.

Both my mom and my dad taught us the value of doing something well when it came to Christmas presents. Wrapping presents often took hours. Scissors, tape, ribbon and paper. They taught us how to curl ribbons and make beautiful bows. How to hide the cute ends and square packages.

The wrapped packages were pieces of art.

We would make little cards of scraps of wrapping paper. Little rhymes would be used to “suggest” what was inside. (Don’t worry about the weather,for this is better than leather.)

People were devoted to the process of making something better. Expressing oodles of love and care. Blessing one another.

My folks would go to stores where many of them would gift wrap as a service. Beautiful boxes, colorful papers and artsy bows, couple with a gorgeous card. (You had the sizzle and the steak and there was atmosphere too!)

There were no bags. Few gift cards. As a matter fact, the only thing a bag was used for was to get packages from one place to another.

I know it is Christmas and the thoughts are in your mind.

It would be a good Christmas story.

But as I pondered it a few days ago, I thought about our devotion to Christ. Often in our walk with Jesus people fizzle out, get bored, becoming less enthusiastic. (Still saved, just not having fun.)

It is not a criticism but more of an observation. Why does this happen? Because often we forget two things. One is, He is the source of life. Two is, we get allow ourselves to get caught up in other things. We tend to forget “customer service”. We skip the devotion.  We miss the special things we once did.

Now, we look to give God “gift cards” and “presents” tossed in a bag.

Something needs to change.

Whether it is cooking or wrapping presents if it is not bringing you joy, it is not the project, chore or task, but most likely it is the times missed out on.

But, I am so busy!!!

You can choose to be offended, feel guilty or shout “stop”, but busyness coupled with no joy is often the signpost of you forgot something.

In Him, you can find joy doing dishes. Too many are forgetting the simple fact that He is life. In Him we have life. Through Him we have life.

Dolly Parton — “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

I encourage you to recollect the things that brought you joy. Maybe Christmas is your jump start.

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and of generosity and of goodness. It illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world’s busy life and become more interested in people than in things.

Thomas S. Monson

The Opening Of The Presents

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

We hear of it, we prophesy of it and then it happens. As a prophetic person I see things all the time. I find that my take on life is “colored” by my function or gift mix. Each person has a bend or a bent like that. And when we get to employ it, it is what we call being in the groove. We could not miss for trying. We need the gifts or the functions to work together and introduce the world to the risen Christ.

I said yesterday morning, “Despise not small beginnings. There is something new and something getting ready to happen.” I arrived at our church fellowship like any other Sunday. But I kept having this “nagging” feeling like something was happening. But our monthly family gathering of my 5 children and their children was overshadowing it a little. I was not cued in. But, I kept thinking of it, like “what was I missing”. Continue reading The Opening Of The Presents

Tis The Season To Season

changeprocessEach month I have established the first Sunday of the month for my family to gather. Each person brings food, love and seemingly, more grandkids! For me it was a way to see my children together and to provide a vehicle for them build better relationships with one another. It has worked well. One of the things I do is prepare a soup. I love making soup, because when it is done, it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that and creativity. Yesterday was no different. Continue reading Tis The Season To Season

Your Children Need Your Love

Christmas 2012
Christmas 2012

A young parent. Or perhaps even more difficult, a single mom or dad. Tough enough, but then throw in the Christmas holiday and it can often be a tumultuous time.

While pastoring, I watched many a family go through the holiday meltdown of “I need more presents.” Parents would sit in my office and ask “what am I going to do?” Communities would come together with meals and gifts as well as many church folks would sow into lives. (And I am not even talking about the greed that comes into place when they find out one or more organizations have opportunities!) Continue reading Your Children Need Your Love

Why The Fivefold Ministry? My Answers.

Many folks are coming into a revelation of the need for the fivefold ministry. It is often easy to see the results when we do not see this gifts operative or available.

My own understanding of the need, the hows and whys have changed over the years. So for “today” here are my thoughts!

By what every joint supplies!

The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You

I am not sure what others pray for, dream about or even think about. I know just praying opens doors for me in people’s lives, shows me things about them that I never thought about and absolutely wow’s me.

Last night I had a number of dreams and I will share part of one that opened my eyes to the goodness of God in a further way in a moment.

First things first! God wants to pour His extravagance out on you today. Open your hands! Open your mouths! He has good things for you. In the dream where I was He let us give a million pounds of food to one person! God is everywhere, but He has seasons of moving us! Watch. It is confirmed by others what He is doing.

THINK ABOUT THAT! A MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD! TO ONE PERSON! Continue reading The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You