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The Ring Of Freedom

liberty bell“Get out of this house” I screamed. Now I am not one who yells, but in this case my friend was dawdling. I had just entered this house and released him from his cell. I did not really know in the dream how I knew he was there, but I knew where he was when I arrived at the large home. I had walked in through a service entrance and I knew exactly where he would be found. When I found him he was pale and thin but overall looking okay. I opened the door and got him to the outside. I pointed to a small stand of trees in the distance and said, “run and do not look back!” As we ran it was slow at first, but as his legs got used to the motion we ran.Despite my thoughts that we could be attacked from behind or shot, I never looked back. That house was pure evil. It looked amazing on the outside and even on the inside it was nice, but the people who owned it often had people who came, never to leave. Continue reading The Ring Of Freedom

Unusual Sightings

gardenhandThis morning I was sitting here thinking on things. I had two articles in my head, that I wanted to pursue. Two thought processes that I thought were really important. I was just getting ready to “settle down” with the coffee and begin. “I am ready” I thought. Continue reading Unusual Sightings

Have You Thought This Out?

leejohndrowteamI think one of the biggest questions in the kingdom ought be this when it comes to the idea of questionable or unusual behavior. I also think the response to it determines what is really going on.

Have you thought this out?

I am finding in the midst of an increased understanding of grace an increase of resentment and rejection of correction. I say this is not a response to religion but a revealed immaturity. Continue reading Have You Thought This Out?

The End Of Legalism Is Found In Christ

dreamI had three short dreams last night. They all were along the same lines. The law.

In one of them I found myself in an office situation. The people I worked with were continually upset. Each time they would come through a particular door where the office files were they would end up in a conversation that would not only disconnect them from the work they were in process of doing, but agitation would rise up. Continue reading The End Of Legalism Is Found In Christ

The Breakdown of Dividing Walls

trumpetDream A Little Dream

Last night I would have been “happy” with a little dream. But it was not to be so. I went to be late, only to find myself awakened from a “life size” dream, thinking it was two hours before and earlier than I had actually gone to bed!

Dreams are like that for me. Some dreams are little blips and others are time consuming and often require much thinking and processing.

My last dream was a little after 5AM. It seemed to tie all the others together.  (I do not like “conclusion” stories. I like clarification as I go. When people tell me stories and start at the end rather than the beginning, I find it difficult to follow.) But that is how the dreams went. Some snippets, others movies. Continue reading The Breakdown of Dividing Walls

Experiencing Grace Truth and Love

Ajesus-and-mary2s the world of Facebook, Reddit and news blew up over the VMA’s and Miley Cyrus, my heart was crushed. As a dad, I can only imagine the parent’s internal responses to all of the news. The finger pointing, the accusations and the pain. Does anyone ever really comprehend how hurtful legalism and gossip really are? (I am pretty sure my own children did some pretty dumb things. I never stopped loving them. Ask them. I never waffled about grace, truth and love, but loved them. ) Is it really what she wore? What she did? Or just that unlike so many bound in the church, you just happened to see it? Continue reading Experiencing Grace Truth and Love