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2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose


preachingatvillageWhy even announce for 2015? Why seek the Lord at all for this? Is it any different?

Throughout yesterday as the messages of hope and the future appeared, I thought “I agree”. “Amen”. “Good for you!” I know people get caught up in resolutions and change. They want to see the new year as better than the last. There is a hope on the table. Continue reading 2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose

“It Is Balloon” Designed For Destiny

who-are-youThe balloon basket was empty. Here was this gorgeous, brightly colored balloon with no one to ride in it. As I got close to it, I spotted the small console. I wanted to get a closer look. I leaned up against the side of the basket and leaned in. It was then I saw a brilliant stone ring laying on the floor. It blazed brilliantly even with the small amount of light it was receiving. It seemed as though it was on fire. I thought I will pull it to the side and make sure the people will see it so it will not fall out and be lost when the balloon takes off. As I leaned over the edge of the basket a strong wind pushed the balloon. It caught me by surprise. I was over the edge and needed to right myself. But as I looked though the floor of the basket I saw the ground moving away. I was airborne. I took a moment to get fully in the basket. As I looked out, I was struck by the beauty of the day and realizing I had no control over this, I left the balloon to its own devices. Continue reading “It Is Balloon” Designed For Destiny

Being A Man Putting On Your Big Boy Pants

Me walking Amy down the aisle!
Me walking Amy down the aisle!

This is a “delicate” article for me to write on some levels. For one, I am biased, being a man and being married. For another I have daughters. And for another I have been around long enough to see what works in the Christian church.

It has to do with “where have all the men gone” and I want to change it. I want the church family to be a healthy place for everyone. I have been seeing a move in the men of God coming and I think this is a piece of it. Continue reading Being A Man Putting On Your Big Boy Pants