The Wind Whispers…

leejohndrowteamI found myself in a third world country in my dream. (Sorry to disappoint the naysayers and doom and gloomers, but it was NOT the USA!) I felt it was an island I had been sent to. I thought there is a lot of turmoil here. We need to batten down the hatches in this building. The building was not every strong. The main part of the house was like an adobe or “weak” cement. But there were large windows and a porch that were the main entrance and the door was not really a door. As night I approached I decided to secure the building to the best of my ability. I used wired to tie doors and windows to the frame next to them. I “booby trapped” the area coming in to the best of my ability.

Intuitively I thought there was no chance that I would survive. As men began to wander to the front of the house, stories of attack in the Bible ran through my head. A few young men came to the front door. Just then some kind of explosive came through the screen. It hit me in the back and exploded. I saw the flash, heard the noise and yet, I was still The men that surrounded standing. Nothing happened! A moment later another explosive came in and hit one of the men standing near me. It ignited him but I was able to put the fire out. These young men were standing at the door and I began to fight them off. As others came to their rescue the dream created a vortex of sorts and I was back in bed.

I lay there, sweating and feeling like I was “still there”. Similar to the feeling of a week or so ago, I felt I had left something behind. I knew I had to go back. I put my head back to the pillow after looking at the time, 5:24. (Later I felt the Lord was saying John 5:24) I found myself instantly returned to the “battle” at hand. But something changed. They were doing “dumb stuff” like spitting at me. They could not “break through”. The house began to feel “electric” and unseen activity began to manifest. The men began to pull back, to become smaller. I was safe. I awoke again. 5:29 I heard “Peter’s voice”.  Acts 5:29!

I and so many others have been having the visitations of angels. We don’t worship angels or idolize them, but we can sure use them! Last night while praying for a variety of things I asked for angels to be sent to a lot of places!

The encounters with the Lord often include angels. We are in the midst of great and mighty change. Yesterday, I sat working on projects and the wind was so loud it was if a jet or train was going by. The roar of the wind was amazing. . While standing at the window I saw this…

In the Northeast the wind is violent today. I have watched things move that do not “usually” move.

I felt the Lord say “I have hidden leaders that I am moving”. Now when I first read that I saw hidden as a verb (I know it is not but thought He had done this.) and then I realized it was an adjective. These leaders are hidden because they have not “moved”. Now before we jump on the “disobedience train” I felt that in all cases that was not it. For some it was inability to know to change and for others it was “I am not changing” and others “I am too old, or____(You fill in the blank!).

May I introduce you to the winds of His spirit today???

As soon as I began to write this the train like roar I heard stopped! God is and will be moving you if He has deemed so. For some this is relief and others it defies belief, but I saw people I knew and many that I did not “lifted” to a new place like Dorothy. From dull and boring B&W into the bright color of change. Thee is a yellow brick road. But unlike the wizard, God’s kingdom is not smoke and mirrors. God is not about shifting shadows.

There is a wind a blowin’…

Later on as I stood in the window, I felt the wind calling out towns; Londonderry, Hartford, Troy… As if there was an announcement of where people were being sent or dropped off. Wow!

This morning I contemplated the vision, the words and the dreams of the night. All I could think of was God has your back! Each day I see more and more about “mystery” gems and monies appearing. About amazing translations and encounters. The church probably does not need to “awake” so much as it needs to be AWARE!

Yesterday I had an encounter that was so “weird” I have not yet percolated it. But suffice it revealed scriptures in a different light. I am not sure what to even do with it. Those things are happening. Occurring. Rapidly!

Bob Dylan wrote “the answer is blowing in the wind.” Jimi Hendrix talked of the “wind cries Mary.” The answers are already there. The revealing, the uncovering but moments away.

Today you may be a mover or a shaker, but who knows what the future holds? I know that God is fast pulling people into place and into play. While listening to the names the wind called out, I heard some names called multiple times and others…not at all.

It is not about protection or angels, or seeing or not seeing, but more and more I am seeing it being about obedience. Obedience has a habit of currying favor. Of creating opportunity. Will you say “yes”?

Today many of you are in decision making mode. For some it is truly life or death. For others a direction, a place. I feel they are the same. Each choice brings about a correction in direction. Some for the good, others…not so much.

I watch the players, the prophecies and the actions. A lot is out there but what is important is the “LOT” in there. Why capitals? (Genesis 19:1) Because even as I was in the dream I saw that these men coming were not Godly men as they were not when angels visited Lot. He was willing to sacrifice his child. God was not amused. Today I know that God is looking for obedience. To the one crying out “but I have been” I hear the comfort and favor of the Lord coming. To the one willing to “sacrifice” to get there, STOP! Your family and relationships are more important than you think. The wind is calling to some of you today. Some will continue to “play” and go down another path of darkness. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Others will heed the words of the Lord thy God.

There is another “lot” on the inside. It is the fullness of heaven in Him in you. Greater is He that is within you. A whole “lot” of shaking to be going on! Heavenly real estate waiting to take by PREeminent domain! Let there be heaven on earth. Let it be released and expressed.

Simply believe!

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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