A Pearl Of Great Price

preachingatvillageYesterday I wrote what the Lord was speaking in light of powerful meeting the night before. Predicated on observation, I felt the presence and push of the Lord.

One of the first things I had heard was “New England-Its your time-its your season”. And since I had no faves in the Super Bowl I was certain that He was speaking of the spiritual season we are in. But at the end of the article I was lead to share this about the Patriots. “And the Pats? Look for the unlikely to arise.” And last night a man named Butler stepped in in the last 3 plays. A rookie. Beat once on an amazing catch in the 5 yard area, moments later he stole the ball with an interception. Game saved. A name like Butler, moments left, a rookie…there is a lot to draw from the game, but I won’t. I leave it your conversation with the Father.

I wrote that at 5AM yesterday. And then I headed off to Village.

Look for the unlikely to arise. What we might put to the side, ignore or bench, is in our midst. In our midst. Already here. Ready.

Yesterday in our fellowship following that powerful night of worship, I knew it  was going to be different. I knew when I was driving to the fellowship. I felt it when I entered the building. I engaged it when we went in to pray before the meeting. Something as Sherlock Holmes would say…”was afoot”. Nearby. Close. Ready to appear.

A cold February morning. Sun over the snows. People trickled in. They talked. They hugged. The worship began to play. People were hungry for God to show. To appear. I watched the children dancing up front. Something was “happening”. And then, the moment. The moment where anyone who has been around a revival of His people, felt it. That place where something changes. Little things are noticed. A little laughter. A smile on a face. Tears of joy. A place where things lift. (As one man, 22 years a believer testified, he felt his arms lifted and he “began” to fly.) My friend Pat shared from Psalm 86, that it was not what David wanted. Or you want. BUT what God wants. The worship changed. Our team never played like that. A guitar prophesied. Voices harmonized. Worship thundered.

I thought “this is war. We have declared war against the darkness.”(Not war on people, but war on the dark. The demonic.) I heard “pull it down. Pull it down.” Intercessors began to intercede. Worship increased. My friend Mark spoke of the “thunderings and lightnings” of heaven. “Pull down heaven. Pull down the darkness.”

Earlier I mentioned the name Butler. In reflection I sense this is a season of the servant. God is exalted through His people.

This morning I heard “let the honeymoon begin for lovers of the Lord”. Now I have been married 23 years. I know what a honeymoon is. But this morning, I sensed intimacy with God is being restored. Distance is being removed. God is hungry for His people to know Him more lovingly.

As the music came to an end and I was asked to receive an offering. I felt this. “We used to give because we can. We then gave because we could. But now we can give because we hear. There is a rumble of thunder. Lightning in the air. And the noise of revival upon us. We give in part because many are coming to the Lord. It is a need we need.”

The presence of God began to take over. I saw the “earthquake” (worship night) from the night before, had revealed new treasure. New values. New “veins” of gold, silver and precious stones. (I said a few weeks ago that the quakes in Plainfield Connecticut were signs of a “plain-field”. For us that is exciting because we are in a field!)

Our senior leader said we are going to take this time to love on one another. No preaching. Just find people to love. I saw praying for healing, prophesying.

Lives were changing.


I have spoken of a season of love. A revival of love and service. (All hands on deck.)

In the coming day folks are going to find money. But they are also going to find treasures, gold and precious stones. The sound of the ground is revealing the cry of creation for the mature sons of God to be seen. Creativity will abound! New ideas. New inventions. New life. Lives are going to be restored. Rejuvenated. We will see waves of salvation throughout the reason. (And if you do not live in New England make this your own!)

Why New England? It is our season. Why did God pick a Brownsville, a Toronto, a Smithton? Because people were desirous for Him.

My friend Pat posted this on the blog yesterday in response to the “why” of revival. Why now? Desire. All the revivals I’ve read about have started because someone or a group of people desired more of God. They wanted Him, period. And He responded to that desire because we are simply reflecting back to Him His desire for us. It’s the story of two lovers in love who are locked in an eternal embrace and refuse to disengage until each of their desires is fulfilled.

New England is experiencing something new. Something fresh.

Your time. Your season.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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