“Give Me Your Health” The Second Tactic Of The Enemy

leejohndrowteamThe second trend is to destroy your health. The first was found here.)

The last few months I have seen two tactics of the enemy that have been developing and gaining speed. The first I addressed, was the disconnects that were occurring in people. This included busyness, depression and more. At first, I thought it might have been isolated instances, but as I talked to people, more and more people voiced their feelings of “distance”. In the past I have talked about the advent of social networks (Facebook, etc.) as one of the reasons, the stripping away of freedoms and situations that create the disconnect.

Not every situation is a real deal, as some of it is just seasons. A new mom and dad might not get as much time with friends. A new job might lessen times together. I get it.

But as I prayed and observed, I realized and heard that there was more to this. Spring and summer have always been times of reconnect and it was not happening. Especially after such a long winter!

“Lee, I thought you said this was about health!” It is!

I believe health is the secondary issue we are seeing attacks in. A friend in another ministry wrote this yesterday.

“We have had family and friends die recently and we don’t understand why God didn’t heal them on this earth. It is perfectly ok to say we don’t understand why, but God is still good and God still heals today. This Sunday morning at our fellowship, we will be teaching about and pressing in for healing. Did you know the word “save” appears 120 times in the bible, which in the Greek means, “sozo” which means saved, healed, delivered. All are welcome to come and learn, be prayed for or pray for people.”

There is a solution and His name is Jesus. Not hope but Him and the provision for healing and health that we received by His stripes at the cross. Just a few short weeks ago a young woman in our fellowship shared on healing and wholeness. And yesterday during a business training, I heard a man say this. “Hope is a strategy, I am just not sure the value.” There is a real provision for us in the stripes of Jesus. It is not hope, but faith in the provision.

“Okay Lee. You have told us we can be healed. We have heard this all before.” I agree. But please ask yourself why it is in the air?

As I prayed a few weeks ago, I noticed that many were “sick”. People who were never sick, were getting sick. And the sicknesses were dragging on. New diseases and new illnesses. ALL tactics of the enemy. Sickness is a tactic. I began to pray for each person who even expressed that they had an ache or a pain. If in general conversation, they mentioned a malady, I would interrupt the conversation and pray. (I, like many others have been “guilty” of talking and not praying or laying hands on people.)

And here is why I mentioned the disconnect. They are TIED together. Strongly. When the enemy attacks one in the body through sickness, two things are happening. The person isolates. And people do not come to pray. The RESULT is disconnection. This furthers the ability to resolve and to heal. (There is a reason for “local church”.) Reverse the order. Create a situation that isolates. New baby, new job, new circumstance. Isolation and disconnection begin. Slowly assurance ebbs away. Fears begin to enter. Fear often begins as worry or anxiety. As this increases and stress builds the body begins to be “overcome”. (I know that Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” If you think that overtaxing your body is the way to go, have at it…)

A few years ago I was in South Carolina at a small meeting (20 of us.) and Bob Jones came to share with us a few times. Just sitting around the room sharing. One of the key things he said was “take care of yourself. I wish I had done that. Take care of your physical being.” I remember thinking I would not see him again. (He died in 2/14/2014.) This was important to me.

You can choose to stress yourself out. Part of it is you. (There is a reason it says “be anxious for nothing…”)

I share this from a doctor’s site.

Responding to emotional stress over and over will eventually deplete the adrenal glands and injure other glands. A single overwhelming shock such as death of a loved one can also deplete the adrenals. Emotional stress can begin in childhood or at any time in life. It is actually the resistance or fear of a situation that causes the stress response. A loving response will cause much less of a reaction, no matter what the situation. Other possible stressors include pressures from family, school, work, social pressure, financial stress and others. People who force their bodies to “run or fight” all the time by any means will tend to exhaust their adrenal glands. The ‘fight-or-flight’ response must be balanced by adequate rest and sleep. The use of stimulants. Most stimulants whip the adrenals. This may cause one to feel better for a while, but the long-term effect is to weaken the adrenal glands. Stimulants include sugar, alcohol, caffeine, theobromine in chocolate, amphetamines and other medical drugs, cocaine, heroine and others.

It is time to respond to the enemy.

One of the questions received yesterday was “if we live above principalities, etc., how are we affected?” I think the answer lies in knowledge. You may know that driving fast around the corner could prove dangerous, but if you do not see the curve until too late or something in the road, your ability has the potential to be dangerous.

Lack of knowledge about what has been provided for, our words and actions or inability to recognize new tactics of the enemy, all may be openings for the attacks of the enemy. After all he is the master of lies. If he can convince you that there is “no danger” when in fact there is, the possibility of destruction is there.

Using this example, the article on disconnection is important because others might reveal dangers or even positions of betterment.

The enemy is using the overall tactic to disconnect you from the body. It is a destructive attack, aimed to create busyness, depression and feelings of loss.

I do not believe “hear no evil, etc.”, is appropriate because sometimes an attack affects others. The end result is when one part of the body hurts, so does the rest. Part of the answer is to behold the Lamb of God, but the other part is the enforcement of our knowledge.

The two issues of disconnection and the numbers of sickness are tied together. The first response I had was to accept the “find” and say “there is an answer”. Some of it is simple. Get off Facebook, hang out with others. Other things like jobs and new babies, not quite the same. When we are in situations, we need to lower the guard on some levels and let people “get to us”. Those outside ought to consider reaching in to the situation.

And the biggest thing, is for us to start thinking like a child of the King. Not accepting the tactics and ploys of the enemy, but lifting up in faith our response. A year ago, I wrote a book on declaration and decrees. (It is available on line for $5.) While my position on “how” to use some of those things has evolved the premise is the same. We are kings and priests who wield kingdom authority and our words have power. They are not “magic spells” but enforcement of the laws of the kingdom.

There is a lot in this writing. I understand that many never made it this far! But I would ask for you to consider a few things. Would you let me know your thoughts? You can place them in the comment section below. You can join my ministries page and put them there. And if you see yourself in one of these two situations, would you reach out to someone close? Would you pray for someone? (I can pray for you and I am honored to, but while it will bring healing, it is you and your friends who need to establish a beachhead and stand against the enemy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Bless you!

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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  1. Good article Lee. I can relate to the isolation piece as well
    as sickness. It is not just about us, it is corporate as we are only a piece of the body and it affects the whole body, even if we do not know how or see it.
    Recognizing the enemy’s tactics is a first step, thank you for
    bring that to light.

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