Nameless, Faceless, Placeless? Keep Watching!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

(Over the last couple of days I wrote two articles on the tactics of the enemy. The first was on disconnection in the body and the second on the attack of health.)

The last few days I have written two articles on the tactics of the enemy. Even as I wrote about the weapons of the enemy being disconnection and attacks against health, there has been a lifting of the “darkness” that has impacted lives. I won’t lie when I suggest it feels like “too little, too late” on some levels. Some people have gone on to be with the Lord. Others have incurred huge medical bills, lost touch with friends and family. And I am angry! Angry at the work of the enemy and his deceptions hurting people.

And my response is one of change and not accepting but calling out the wiles of the enemy and defeating him. With words, with actions and with love and light!

As I completed the one on the attack against health, I was struck with the fact that we not only have the answer to these dilemmas and attacks, but all the other ones as well. I sat there and just thought about the immensity of it all, I began to see things opening up in my view. A vision began to appear.

The first thing I saw was small pockets of believers making the decision that like Popeye, they “had all they could take and they coulds’t take no more”. (Years ago we called it a “holy discomfort” where you were impacted with the power of the gospel and as you meditated on the greatness of it, change began to take place. First, that feeling of there is “more” would move into your life, followed by “are you talking?”) This morning I watched a young man, a hero, Dakota Meyer, sum it up best in an interview when questioned about his heroic actions in Afghanistan. “At first I thought, I can’t believe I am sitting at this truck and I am missing the action. It was just the fact, you’re kidding me. I’m missing out!” Yes. I get it! I want to see amazing, incredible things happen! I want to be in the midst of it all!

This is not about “have to” gospel, but an “I want to” gospel. The idea that I might miss out on something so cool, so neat that I just “can’t live without it”.


  • In the first pocket of believers, I saw believers barbecuing and laughing. I saw actions of esteem and respect. And then someone’s phone rang. A member of their fellowship had just been rushed to the hospital. They thought he had suffered a heart attack. The group looked at each other and prayed. And then one of them jumped up and said, “let’s go lay hands on him!” They all thought for a moment and said “yes, let’s go!” The small group got into vehicles and headed to the hospital. Even as I saw the hospital come into view I saw “storm clouds” of despair and darkness over the hospital. They moved into the building and as they did, the clouds began to move. I could see faces in the clouds. They looked on as observers, from the pillowy clouds. (Hebrews 12:1) And as the people walked into the hospital the place began to take on light. The windows began to glow with light. And then I heard the shouts and laughter coming from within. In the next flash I was inside and the people were now not only praying for the man who was their friend but began to spread out and touch those around them. Instantly beds began to empty. As hospital officials tried to get the patients back to the beds pandemonium broke out. And then a mass exodus happened. Patients began to run towards the exits. Joy was all over the people.
  • I was back to my viewing point. My attention was caught by another group of people. As they walked by the windows of a fast food restaurant they looked inside. A short conversation and a moment later they walked inside where the elderly and homeless were gathered because there was no place to go during the day. The atmosphere turned electric. The small group of young people walked in and began to pray for the people at the tables. Suddenly illnesses lifted and money on the tables multiplied. Soon the tables had so much coin on them they looked like the tables in a casino. The people began to shout and dance as their frail bodies gained strength. And once more exuberant praise came from yet another place. Soon crutches and wheelchairs were left behind and the people streamed out to the streets.
  • The nursing home had just encountered a major viral outbreak. Many of the patients(And some staff members.) had already died but because of the nature of the virus, the building had been quarantined. Those that passed away had been placed in a room that was kept as cool as possible by a large air conditioner. I could see the staff working diligently, but it was clear the emotional trauma of the incident had reached them as well. The signs announcing the quarantine had guards standing by and a large white truck with people wearing “space suits” was parked next to one of the signs. It was clear, “no one in-no one out”. Family members and friends stood next to cars in the small parking lot. A large pile of flowers, crosses and memorabilia was placed next to the sign that announced the facility. A small blue car drove by the facility, once, twice and then it pulled to the side. As the doors of the car opened up and three women climbed from it, I “felt” something. I thought I saw the building “shake”. They walked towards the guards and the white suits of a disease agency. And suddenly time “stopped”. As they talked to the guards, everything held for just a moment and they entered the building. Unfreeze. I could see light changing in the reception area. I could see staff member’s heads lift and a peace came into the room. As they walked down halls people became healed. Hesitant laughter and voices began to lift. Soon tears of joy and laughter began to echo through the building. The ladies walked up to the room of the dead. They walked in and light filled the room. Soon, “dead bodies” lifted from the makeshift beds and the smell of death left the room. Light filled the building and joy had overtaken. The news trucks and their crews moved to life. Jubilant announcers cried real tears before the cameras. The crowds in the parking lot began to cheer.
  • A large group of people were meeting with town officers. The voices were raised and tearful faces were standing before them. The mining accident had contaminated the waters that flowed into local homes. The school waters were found to be contaminated as well. Many children had become sick and their bodies were wracked with convulsions and coma the last two days. Fear, pain and anger were etched on the faces of the families. Close by the school, a triage tent had been set up and the hospital had been overwhelmed. Two little children had watched their friends take ill while they were in gym. These two children held hands as they watched the commotion. And then they did the unexpected. They walked to the edge of the tent, and one said “Jesus make the sick well”. The other small child walked over to the place of a comatose friend and leaned over and touched his shoulder and said “Jesus, I pray for Richard”. Richard’s eyes popped open and in minutes he was standing up. The scene was repeated multiple times. A well meaning worker went to stop the children, but was constrained by others. The tent became a “revival” tent and soon the children walked towards the hospital with a crowd of cheering people. Their little friends walked close by. Soon the hospital was overtaken by healing and wholeness. Not only those injured by the poisoned water but others throughout the hospital. My final view was the group heading to the river and the water supply. I saw one of the small children pick up a stone, say something and toss it in the water. The ripples were intense across the small lake. Light shown from above brightly.
  • I heard the weeping and sniffling of many people as I returned to my vantage place. A large group of people were standing in the rain with umbrellas held high next to 20 fresh graves. A flash and I saw the accident that had caused this, as the bus slid off the bridge with a baseball team killing nearly all the students and the driver. Flashing back to the present, students (Including some of the survivors.), teachers, parents and friends stood around and hugged one another with tears in their eyes. The minister stood next to one of the freshly dug graves and spoke quietly. While he spoke a small group of students walked across the open fields on the other end of the cemetery. One of them pointed over towards the tearful crowd. They “huddled” up and moments later headed towards the graves, the coffins and the saddened people. Again I saw darkness begin to disappear. The rain began to show. Moments later a young man on crutches began to jump about. A girl with two broken arms began to shriek. Others began to laugh and to shout. The rain stopped and the sun appeared. And then the unthinkable. A surprised minister jumped back as the first coffin lid opened and a young man jumped out. Soon all the coffins were empty.

Everywhere I looked lives were being changed. The presence and power of God through His people was erupting. The clouds were lifting and the light was shining brighter and brighter.

The vision cleared.

As I thought about the vision and the last two articles I had written on the destructive tactics of the enemy, the Lord began to show me His heart. I felt as if He was sitting on the edge of His seat with expectation. Something great was about to happen and it seemed to be that people were people, people empowered by the grace of God and the life of Jesus.

I am sure some may be skeptical or even say “never happen”. That’s okay. You weren’t there. (And you might struggle ever to be near what I saw!)

This morning I awoke from a dream. It reminded me of the “shepherding movement” of many years ago. I realized after a few moments of thinking that it was related to this dream. Control must never be used in the understanding of freedom and the price that was paid.

Think about this. Small group, “fast food restaurant”, nursing home, government and mining, funeral. Each one of the pictures is an area the church has stepped into in one facet or another.

  • Hospital-The church has long been called a hospital, but where is the healing, the wholeness?
  • Fast food-a quick meal to say I have “eaten”. People gather, but have no direction.
  • Nursing home-caring for the sick, but the sick do not get healed.
  • Government-we have seen the wrongful use of authority. (We are seeing more and more what God intended in Ephesians 4:11)
  • Mining-We have had lots of revelation, but have missed the application too often turning it into religion.
  • Funerals-Too often we have carried on in our dead works, never walking in the “now” of God, but holding on to things of the past and never going forward.

God has raised up groups of people who function in grace and power changing the church. There has been a lot of uncomfortable moments! But I truly believe I saw the other side in the vision. My caveat is beware those who rule with “iron fists” and deem themselves the only one! We are on the crest of a “nameless, faceless, placeless” people becoming the ones of name (Jesus), face (His) and place (Heaven)!

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Well, I am here to tell you that there is a new shadow hear on earth, not concerned with the evil, but carrying the weightiness of heaven. And where they go their shadow brings light, life and liberty to the captives, because it is the shadow of the Almighty. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

There is a surge! Keep watching!

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Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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