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leejohndrowteamThe company had hired me to uncover espionage. Most of it the corporate, milk toast kind of espionage. Only occasionally had it proved to be “dangerous” as people were found to be stealing. Much of it was pretty simple. But my degree of intuitiveness (That is what my company would call it.) had helped me.

The hard part was my coworkers thought I just occupied a desk and took lots of trips. I never really had “conversations” with them. The upper echelons did not really want to be “affiliated” with me, leading to a lonely workplace environment. (I suspected the corporate side had a few secrets themselves.)

One day I had uncovered this large sum of money and services that had shown to be bogus. Ironically, I had awakened from a dream in which God gave me the answer. The next morning I went in, did some research and found the trail. $250,000,000! My commission was to be $25,000,000. Which I would not be able to use, because with my lifestyle a sudden change would tip off others.

I was feeling a little hurt by the whole thing to be honest. (Upon awaking I was reminded of this scripture, Matthew 20:1-16)I could not accept the money. People did not appreciate me. And there was a twinge of jealousy in the dream. (Not a good place to be in a dream or in life itself!)

I awoke and the Lord began to speak. It was on two levels. First, He spoke to me about me. And secondly, He spoke to me about the body.

I already shared the scriptures I heard. I felt for me, it was time to “kick back” and relax a little and at the same time some new things are coming.

Why, I am not sure, but even as I typed that preceding paragraph, the word “witchcraft” appeared on the screen. A warning…do not take lightly the witchcraft of the enemy. Even now he is releasing witchcraft: to confuse, eradicate peace and to tempt. If any one of those things has been occurring-take authority over it now.

The corporate or body side is equally important in the dream. Prophets have not always been understood or embraced. There are many times I felt like I was kept in a closet until something was needed of me. In this stage of my life I am not concerned about my value or my gift. I simply accept it. But I know a number who have been wounded and hurt. In part by their own actions and inability to coexist, but also by the manipulation, abuse and misunderstandings of the body at large. (Anyone who has been around me long enough, knows I have been on both sides. In the past, I often felt like the Joni Mitchell lyrics, I’ve looked at life from both sides now-From win and lose and still somehow-It’s life’s illusions I recall-I really don’t know life at all.)

I saw multiple scenarios that prophets came to and uncovered things. I will share a few. All are important. And I share it with a caveat. If you are one that the Lord plugs in, you will not be able to claim fame (In fact your life may be in danger.)or look for monetary gain. It begins with restoration of power to the prophetic ministry. Many have cried out and said, “I love New Testament prophecy and prophets…BUT where is the power?” The power is coming to a man, to a woman, cloaked in humility and grace. Angels will swoop in and skies will break open. Grounds will rumble and mountains will shake. (Beware the sons of Sceva!)

Terrorism has escalated world wide. Presidents, kings and diplomats are seeking answers. I saw prophets of God poring over maps of regions they did not know and receiving the information to reveal darkness. I am not sure how this breaks out, but in the past I have had dreams and visions of appearing in places like the White House without an invitation…simply appearing. (Be praying for Natasha and Malia Ann. There are angels of darkness about them.)Appearances in Parliaments and Congresses. And you will never be able to tell people of your success! And crime will be reduced as criminals are revealed and taken away. Prophets will not march but will release His goodness into towns and communities. Not judgment but grace.

Food and water shortages have wreaked havoc across the world. I get that it has to do with darkness, but your assignment today should you choose to accept it is to uncover water resources and even declare waters into dry and weary lands and see rocks bring forth water. You are to multiply foods and uncover new food sources. (I saw the old TV show Let’s Make A Deal where we knew what was behind the door that would provide the greatest blessing!)We are being called to bend the “natural” order of things in the food realm. I am not talking about processing plants but multiplication forces.

Energy-I have spoken on this many times but I believe it has fallen to the prophetic realm. Prophets will work alongside scientists and engineers and free energy sources will be uncovered and revealed. I do not see wind as the answer nor do I see solar…today. (More on solar at some other time.)

The economy clearly needs an overhaul, but that will take the placement of wise and seasoned people in key places. But what is being uncovered, found by the eyes of prophetic people is treasure and business answers. Yes, treasure. Enough to overcome the systems heavily laden with structure and administration. (I see ax heads coming out of the water…)

And I see humble men and women recognizing the call of God for this hour, for this purpose. They will not be “front row” or headline people, but men and women of character and morality answering to the One who loves them.

I began to see the pieces coming together as never before. Every time I think my Utopian thoughts I think many things need to change and then I am reminded with God(And His people…) nothing is impossible.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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