Restore unto me the joy of my salvation


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Restore unto me the joy of my salvation

I resigned. Stepped down. Life as I had known it for nearly 10 years was over. And I took that step of faith(?) into an abyss not knowing the results. Believe the prophets and you shall prosper.
This morning I awoke at 3:50 to hear “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation” singing through my head. I began to pray for friends and family. But, being in bed just wasn’t working for me, so I arose, thinking I could shake this off, but I couldn’t. So many, weren’t enjoying their salvation. I spoke to a newer Christian yesterday who was reaping the fruits of his choices(Don’t we all, unless the mercy of God is invoked.) He had “tried” to enjoy, but the demons of his past were great and his feeling that it was all supposed to be ok kept him from the confessions of his hurt and his pain. I(I pray my words and gestures bear fruit in his life.).I have never known as many ministers who have stepped down, as I have witnessed in the last few months. I prophesied over a minister who had been forced out of ministry by his board. And part of the word was that I saw a chess board and the piece representing him was being removed, but not to be placed to the side with fallen men, but to be moved to a new square. He was not charismatic, and Hey! I had only asked to pray, but the word of the Lord and His Presence brought tears to this man with hope. In one church so strong was the need to know the love of God and be accepted, I suggested that they start a “Love party” or “Get a hug” night.
Yesterday I was given a word, that though I saw myself as removed the Lord was getting ready to do something in my life. That gave me hope, because despite a powerful weekend of ministry and seeing God move, I was unsure. “Where do I fit in?”
Many of you have prayed, fasted and walked with us, so, please let me share the joys of the weekend.
It began as a 5 hour trip to Maine. As I drove through a community called Topsham I felt the presence of the Lord and I also felt the struggle inside of me. I called a friend to have him pray for me. I arrived and was greeted with love and kindness. A wonderful lasagna didn’t hurt.
The next morning, we left early and as we headed to our first appointment a bald eagle flew just above the vehicle while we crossed the river. Amazing! We arrived and met the first pastor. I saw blood in the house of this ministry. It turned out to be a former meat packing house. The blood was crying out the Lord told me. The avenging for souls in this community. we went down to the bay with 3 swords to fulfill a prophetic word my friend had. The sword I had was aptly named “Sword of fire.” As 3 of us placed the points of our swords into the beach in front of these Druid idols, I saw fire on the water like gasoline and the rising of the waters with the glory of the Lord. As I shared the pastor told me a new believer had arisen from their baptism and seen the same thing. As we stood there and prophesied the waters(The tide.) moved up and covered our swords connecting them by the waters. We left there and joined a small group of pastors. I had seen a school on the way in transformed by the presence of the Lord and shared this with them, that God would use the arts to overtake this place. As we left the breakfast one of the pastors asked us to pray over the land of his church. We stopped there and I saw the people with hands outstretched towards the ocean awaiting the eastern coming of the Lord. I saw that this community and others where shipping had been so strong would receive the people of the nations and train them and send them back out. I saw a serpent that was trying to stop this, but I also saw that great wealth, like the Midianites would come to this community. They had known there was something about Joseph. Leaving this community we headed towards a desolate land of Indian reservations and heart broken people. We met with another group of pastors. And all the while we were there I felt the presence of the Lord. This is where I prophesied to the pastor who had been removed. This was not the first time a pastor had been removed from this community. It is a satanic stronghold with many, many witches. Please pray for Lubec. I felt I saw a storefront rented, where ministries just came to pray, each one taking a week. As I stood in this restaurant praying, I saw this man taken from the Lord’s quiver and sent from His bow. I told him not to deny a trip that was coming. (Unbeknownst to me, he had just been asked.) AS he shed tears my heart went out for the people of this region. We visited the college and I met the music director of this small campus. Our connection? Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.  worship will ring out in this college. My friend has asked me to partner with him in a conference called “God loves the witches” in this school. We left here to the home of a pastor in the area and ended up praying for a brother who was to open a Christian cafe there. As we drove home I was spent. Prayer, prophecy and a building compassion.
We got home late and I stayed up late(12:15). I had been up since 4 and the next day was the day I was concerned about. I left the house at 9:15 and arrived at the church at  8:30. As I looked at the clock I saw something was to change for this church. The clock had stopped. As the assistant pastor went to put a new battery in it, it crashed to the floor. As we prayed I felt this wave of the presence overcome me. As we worshipped I sensed the hurt of people who did not enjoy their salvation.  I was bombarded by thoughts of where do I fit in the body of the Lord? Who do I think I am? GOD HELP ME! I have felt like a failure.
As I stood to minster and spoke my path I reminded myself of the goodness of the Lord. And I went to minister to the people. I saw so much pain and need for direction. I thought where were the prophets. Where were the builders? Where were the fathers. I gave many hugs as I walked down the row. I reminded many of the Lord’s love for them. They had a kleenex ministry by person five. As I spoke over young and old I felt the presence of Jesus walking with me. I was to close it at 12 and it was 1:56 when I prayed over the last person. I sensed a name change for this people. People wanted Jesus.
Some shared the accuracy of the words, but my heart was broken. God you would use me. You still care about me.
Maine is a desolate place. And it is filled with satanic influence, but where there is evil there is the capacity for much grace. These people are exercising childlike faith. I could see God doing something here. The leaders are gathering. They love each other. This is an amazing people. The Native Americans will see God come here. Stephen King has a home here. Watch for what happens in his life in the next year.
And so when I received the word yesterday of the restoration in my life, I thought, Wow! I pray for the WOW of life to be manifest in your life today. Tomorrow we face one of the most serious challenges of my walk. I need to know God is in the restoring business. I need to know that He loves me. With that I can walk through anything.
Humbly submitted,

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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