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What Are You Thinking?

leejohndrowteamEvery time I open Facebook or Twitter there are the proverbial “one liners”. I think there is a part of me that wonders as to whether the one liners are the dumbing down of humanity or humanity preceded with the dumbed down.

Which came first? Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

Response-Ability To God

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I have noticed something this week, or perhaps it became more apparent. For a long time I have extolled the virtues of being nice. Of making declaration of light and life over situations. I believe it to be the way of the Lord to extend light and the hand of love into situations. It does not mean I am unwilling to have those difficult conversations or address bad behavior. It simply means I believe in Jesus and His teaching. And now I am seeing new results. Continue reading Response-Ability To God

I Came That You Might Think

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Have you seen the horse? Do you see a table or people? Let me know when you know how many frogs there are.

“Lee, what are you talking about?”

I am talking about those drawings that appear on Facebook or in a kid’s Highlight magazine. The ones where a drawing has more than one figure. Or you are asked to see how many of something exist in a picture. The purpose being to cause you to think. To see outside the norm. To evaluate and not just move on to the next thing without thinking. Continue reading I Came That You Might Think

Creativity In All The Right Places

leejohndrowteamThis morning I had a dream that was so real. So amazing. When I awoke I wanted it to be real. The reason is the person in the dream I have been praying for for almost 20 years. The dream had the “real” compassion of God locked up in it. Continue reading Creativity In All The Right Places

An Heir Of Freedom

2014-03-15 11.16.51A Fortune 100 company (Sony) has been stopped dead in its tracks. 42 million dollars to produce a movie, The Interview was “wasted”. A cyber-attack from a foreign country (North Korea) has held it up and won. Conspiracy, black hats and beliefs aside, the bottom line is this company was a casualty of “war”. (I put that in quotes because who really knows yet. I know what is being said, but…) Continue reading An Heir Of Freedom

Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

donttalkWisdom and revelation

I sat here this morning and read the news. Ferguson, Cosby and Gruber. At first, I thought what is in a name. (A whole path in itself.) But because I had been up early thinking about a particular topic I thought I had a glimmer of where I might head. Reading the news just convinced me “why let facts get in the way”. A former publisher, I had witnessed one too many “why let truth get in the way of a good story”. Continue reading Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

Your Now Has Yet To Meet With Heaven’s Wow

Tyler & Emily Wedding
Tyler & Emily Wedding

Yesterday my son and his wife purchased their first home. On so many levels this is a miracle. Anyone who remembers the fateful day in December of 2001, knows that for him to be walking, talking, married with child and to purchase a home is in fact simply miraculous. Continue reading Your Now Has Yet To Meet With Heaven’s Wow

Reaching Out Into The Darkness

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Today while driving into work I was thinking that if I disappeared, would people know. Would I be missed? How long would it take?

I remember many years ago I was challenged with the imprisonment of a pastor who was in jail in China for “crimes against the state”. Daily people were reaching out in prayer. And one day, some 20 years later, he was released.

Hundreds if not thousands appeared to welcome him. This group of people had met daily to pray for his release. Daily! What is even more important is no one had seen him for all those years. I remember thinking at that time, how many just disconnect, losing touch after weeks, months and at best, years. Please hear me this is not a condemnation thing. It is an observation. (And I have done it. “Out of sight, out of mind.” It is not healthy.) Continue reading Reaching Out Into The Darkness

Mundanity – You Don’t Have To Live There!

What if...
What if…

Too often in our lives we encounter mundanity. We begin something and it it lasts longer than we had anticipated. Or perhaps circumstances in our life have changed causing the need for the existence to last but a little longer. Continue reading Mundanity – You Don’t Have To Live There!

Gasoline And Matches

Fire, forward, fast
Fire, forward, fast

Many years ago I thought eradicating a pest with a 5 gallon can of gas and a match would be the way. The destruction was to say the least, a little more than I bargained for!

As I shared the gospel of Jesus this week, I thought, how many times in the past did I bring a “can of gas and match” to remove some thing under the guise of sharing? Continue reading Gasoline And Matches