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Faster Than Dial Up – He Is Here!

internetbothIn 1995 I started my first internet company. Internet? Who would have thought? Technological progress at speeds previously before not thought of. Every time you turned around there was a new start-up. Deals were made on napkins in diners and restaurants. Sure the internet had been around some 40 plus years (Thank you Al Gore…)and computers could now fit on your desk instead of taking up your whole bedroom. Each week I would stand before rooms of business people, explaining to them how something they had not heard of, could not see, would make their business better. Continue reading Faster Than Dial Up – He Is Here!

Reaching Out Into The Darkness

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Today while driving into work I was thinking that if I disappeared, would people know. Would I be missed? How long would it take?

I remember many years ago I was challenged with the imprisonment of a pastor who was in jail in China for “crimes against the state”. Daily people were reaching out in prayer. And one day, some 20 years later, he was released.

Hundreds if not thousands appeared to welcome him. This group of people had met daily to pray for his release. Daily! What is even more important is no one had seen him for all those years. I remember thinking at that time, how many just disconnect, losing touch after weeks, months and at best, years. Please hear me this is not a condemnation thing. It is an observation. (And I have done it. “Out of sight, out of mind.” It is not healthy.) Continue reading Reaching Out Into The Darkness

Don’t Lose Your Peace

leejohndrowteamThis morning an alarm went off on my phone. I was notified of the Google hack and advised to immediately review my account. (I already knew. By the way-when was Google going to send us a letter?)This is not a lesson in security but in the ways you can lose your peace. Unfortunately, because of “how” I process I missed the “check here” button (Later finding out my account was NOT one of the hacked accounts. But I did go through all the methods of changing passwords, additional security and more.) Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Peace

The Floodgates Are Opening

Jacob 002The little old lady walked me to the door. While she walked me through the beautiful home she kept talking about travel. We reached the door and I walked down a very narrow ramp. As we reached the bottom large animals that looked much like rhinoceroses came into view, running across the front yard. We continued to speak of travel and I shared stories from trips to California and flights that had been taken.

Her parting words hit me. “You travel well.”

I awoke and thought, “do I?” Continue reading The Floodgates Are Opening

Support Or Ministry? Discernment Or Disaster?

Keep Strong Values
Keep Strong Values-Connections worth keeping

There may well be a difference between supporting someone and being a friend or seeing something as ministry.

First, let me say, here in the United States I appreciate our Constitution and in particular the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Continue reading Support Or Ministry? Discernment Or Disaster?