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Come Out! Come Out Wherever You Are!

leejohndrowteamLast night I connected with a friend who I have not spoken to in years. Lives changed. Different paths. Fellow New Englanders we engaged over my article on New England. She wrote back. “Wow. Yes I resonate but I have always felt that it was our time because we live in the eternal now in Him but it does pair up with how God has called me over the past 25 years to release intimate love, boundless expressions of worship and wild creativity in the church, outside of the church, to large groups and individuals. Beautiful words and declarations…He’s always there with the goods willing to release them in and thru us. I don’t believe there is a need for delay or a sense of distance of any kind. At least that’s my theology now after 25 years.” Continue reading Come Out! Come Out Wherever You Are!

Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Last night I had a dream about an old friend I have known for over 20 years. He was one of those people who began to reveal the grace of God to me. My friend nearly 20 years later continues to have an influence on me. While he was in my early life he began to show me the value of being a father and how we had the potential to move mountains through our lives. Continue reading Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

Lay Hands Upon The Sick…

baptizedThe young woman came to my store every day. Each day she would come by after school and stop in. She was smart, articulate and interesting. She would talk about her hopes and her dreams. She would talk about what she was going to be and where she was going to go. About the world she wanted to see. Continue reading Lay Hands Upon The Sick…

His Blessings And Mercies Are New Everyday!

leejohndrowteamThe last few days I have been thinking about grandchildren and our communities. I think the way I think some might term me a “utopian” in my belief that we can change everything to be better. When I sit with God and see the beauty of heaven and the thoughts of His goodness, I know that there is a better way.

One year ago this week, I was sitting on an island, enjoying fun, family and food. The weather was awesome. Yet if you left the “compound” of the resort you immediately encountered the ravages of “third world” thinking.

Last night as I sat with someone I reminded them that “their experience” was not necessarily the kingdom of God. The people on the island would watch fancy cars, high powered people and great sums of money come to their island. Yet in their mind it was “untouchable”. As I prayed with this person I reminded them that a parent’s experience is not theirs either. The “sins of the father” are NOT delivered to the youth. In fact ALL the blessings of God are yours if you can wrap your brain about it. (That is the process of repentance-what you believe, and renewing-what you are putting in.) You can not let the enemy take real estate in your mind.

Just because my dad drank and did some pretty evil things does NOT mean I have to be like that. Nor do my children or grandchildren have to be like me. (And a collective AMEN rose from the crowd!)

Last year I published a book on “declarations and decrees” with the purpose of seeing people see themselves for who they are. But these declarations are not “incantations” with super powers but words of change, backed by heaven, your faith in the finished work and Jesus Christ.

I am often asked why I can not just give you a “short” message. “Lee, I do not read your stuff because it is too long.” I am okay with that. I wish everything in life had a short version. A one liner. But the reality of it is, it does not. Sure, I go to a Chinese restaurant and pull out the “prophecy” cookie. I declare over it and it is hardly ever that I receive something not connected to my life and good. BUT, I do not rely on prophecy cookies and one liners. In fact I think there is a danger in that on some levels. I do not await someone’s prophecy, or their one liner or a fortune cookie. Too many are running around quoting this or quoting that. I recognize that some of those are good, even awesome. BUT, how much process did someone spend with God at His feet working through a hardship in their life to get there? I get we can build on revelation, but too often revelation from another person does not constitute revelation for you or I. But soon becomes dependency on a system or a person? (I have been on both sides of that coin!) Nor do I think it is healthy to have revelation without application. Why? Because I think it establishes religiosity.

I get when you are in crisis you want an answer. I have been there. 25 years later I am paying the price for taking on someone else’s revelation (Like right now my spell checker is telling me “else’s” is wrong!) that I took on. It cost me. The pain of that move, of that decision will never not follow me. But find God’s answer for you.

BUT, if I am going to go with a “one liner” I want it to be His!

Last night I had a dream. It was one of my “two level” dreams. (I “awoke” from one to be in yet another.) In the dream I went to the post office to purchase a stamp. The stamp was a dime. No one waited on me. After a while I reached around the counter and removed a dime. A Mercury dime. The next day I did the same. A Mercury dime. On the third day the requirement was a dollar. (10 times as much.) Still no waiting on me. I awoke from this dream thinking “was I on camera” and “where were the people”. What was I doing? A dime? A dollar? A federal offense for a small amount of money. In the second level I was convinced of the reality of the first. I walked about and saw many people who needed hope. I thought “I have a message worth sharing”. With each person, I shared about Him and placed a dime in their hand.

“Lee-A-what does that dream have to do with the previous paragraphs and B-what does it mean for me?”

I get it.

Here is some “fact”. The Mercury dime was based on the Roman God. (Jesus asked “who’s picture is on the coin” when asked about taxes.) This dime represented “unity and strength”, as well as symbolized peace. The dollar bill carried a 10 fold increase over the dime and the picture of a founding father, George Washington. He was the first president.

The dream itself carries promise to me, to you and to the United States. We are going to see a delivery of the message of hope come about in unusual ways through “unusual” people. People who many are divided over because of their political and religious backgrounds. In a “ten fold” increase, we are going to go from a Mercury “based” existence (Mercury is described as this, He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld) to a change predicated on truth and forerunners of change. “Founding fathers” will increase not in a governmental or political way (Though I guess there will be some.) but in a “Father’s way”. The cameras will not have effect. No longer will people be concerned about their identity and want to hide it. The carriers of the message will share peace, unity and strength.

Watchmen-On some levels this is a side note, but I have a growing concern about the “watchmen” who ONLY see what is wrong. It is not about balance but about truth. There is an increase in the kingdom. Wrongful theology has taken away our peace and increased our anxiety. A watchman is MORE than someone on the wall calling out sin, destruction and beware the coming in. They would watch over the city and see the interactions of the people. (Come out of your “towers” and your “closets” and see wht God is doing is a “good word” right here.) They were also called to with proclaiming the good news about salvation. (Isaiah 52:7-10) Good news…another good word! Prayers of peace! Life is not “doom and gloom”. If someone is only telling you about “how bad it is” you have to wonder about the woundedness, the fear and the hurt that is going on. (By the way, I am not a “pollyanna”. I can read the news…and turn it around with my words.)

“Lee-how does the dream relate to the words in the beginning?” It is about message. A simple text does not necessarily reveal my heart towards you. You must know me to know my heart. The message is on the table. The communication of the message is what is at stake. We are engaged in a battle of words, for our families and our communities. Who gets the “real estate” is who has power. We are the people of “kingdom rule and dominion”. It is important that we do not give up in the gains prophesied and set before us. The real estate I am talking of is in the mind. Who owns it? It is the “winner’s spoil”. We must be better at communicating the truth and the good news of Jesus than the enemy’s message of destruction.

It is time. It is a new season. In the “great words” of the Goonies. “Don’t you realize? The next time you see sky, it’ll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it’ll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what’s right for them. Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here. That’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket.” And that is because OUR COMMUNICATION is going to change schools and cities. The word Troy meant “foot soldier” in Greek. It is a trap for believers because we are called to the “air force” (heir force) as we are seated “high above” the enemy. You are not “just human” but in fact are a supernatural being with God on your side. It is time to make it here on earth as it is in heaven. (Honestly it is thought provoking and prophetic that Goonies II is on the table. There is another chance.)

And I have to add this, there is a “bad word” going around that we are facing an “event” that could make the “dust bowl” look like nothing. Only a week ago the Lord showed me the “dust bowl” event of the 1930’s (It was also called the “dirty thirties”.) The dust shaped ecology and agriculture. It is time to speak the goodness of God against the “famines” of the enemy. It is time to change our economy with our words, declare the salvation of the Lord and return peace to our nations.

Today is your day. His blessings and mercies are new every day. Lamentations 3:22-23

If you are interested in the book on declaration and decree, you can click here.

The Good News Is You Can Change It

Hitting the target
A word for today.

Today I will be headed out to go bowling with my grandson Jacob. He has never bowled and it has been a couple of years for me. I used to bowl a lot. As a child I belonged to two Saturday leagues, paying for my bowling by cleaning the bowling balls Friday afternoons while my mom bowled in a teacher’s league. One of the most competitive times in my life I think. Everyone wanted to bowl that elusive 300. So today will be fun.

Today as I was thinking about being a child and what was important I did my due diligence with news and what I was praying and how I would pray. I thought what is the significance (If any, how do we focus, do we care, etc..) and how we might respond. Continue reading The Good News Is You Can Change It

Culture? Environment? It Is ALL Subject To Change!

changeCulture and The Change Within…

Lately I have been feeling the pressure to change the culture. Not just the culture of my community but the culture of the church.  There is a lot out there about the culture and what we “need” to do but my thinking is along the following lines.

From Merriam’s a particular definition set. In bold I am hitting some key words.

a :  the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations

b :  the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also :  the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life} shared by people in a place or time <popular culture> <southern culture>

c :  the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization <a corporate culture focused on the bottom line>

d :  the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic <studying the effect of computers on print culture> Continue reading Culture? Environment? It Is ALL Subject To Change!

A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!

trumpetI have been away for a few days in West Virginia, enjoying the company of friends. It was an amazing time. Spending time away is always difficult away from family. It is made easier by the fact that I encountered some simply awesome people. My list is partial in the sense I will not remember all that I met. But I am thankful to the ministry of folks like Lynn Hiles, Roger Legg, Bob Smith, Dan Keistler and oh, so many more. Southern hospitality, superb teaching and fellowship. It just warms my heart. Continue reading A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!

“Down here it’s our time… our time down here!”

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I had a number of interesting dreams last night. I frequently do. While we were talking about dreams yesterday my wife joked with me about how I “get to go places.” That is not always true, but I often find myself in places I had not thought of, expected to be. Right now there is a young man who is sitting in jail. His whole life is shattered. Guilty? Not guilty? That will be determined at some point but between here and there he is most likely sitting there. Thinking about what he could have been. I have prayed that the Lord would let me “show up” and talk to him. Forget sending angels, send me. I want to be like Phillip and the Ethiopian prince. (And then get me out of there!) Continue reading “Down here it’s our time… our time down here!”

Was His Face Marred for a reason?

Sloth-from the movie the Goonies
Sloth-from the movie the Goonies

I have been meditating on the marring or the misshaping of His face in the last week or so. I read this scripture…
Just as many were astonished at you, My people, So His appearance was marred more than any man And His form more than the sons of men.

What is the connection, I thought? People astonished at me? At you? The preceding verse speaks of not being in a rush. Of God going before you and being behind you.

But His face? When I felt touched to think about it, I thought it had to be “marred” not just fulfill a prophecy but to do something else.

It’s funny. The Lord had been stirring in me Psalm 27 and the phrase about “the land of the living.” And for nearly a week this statement has been typed on my computer with nothing added. “Was His Face Marred for a reason?” I would look at it multiple times a day. Today I began to clear the deck so to speak. And here just a few scriptures later in Isaiah 53, “For He was cut off from the land of the living;”

What is the land of the living? I felt this. A stream in a wilderness. A family of descendants. Where life is.

The other day, I felt that His face must be marred to “balance” it for us. He had no beauty it says, nothing to draw us. If the holes were still visible in His hands, what about other wounding?

I came to this conclusion about His face. I realized it while watching the Goonies with my grandkids. When Jacob saw Sloth he could only ask “why is his face like that?” I think we ask the same thing about the face of Jesus. Why is it like that? Why will it not draw you? “He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him.” Isaiah 53:2

With this, “He was despised and rejected— a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.”

Not only to accept him, but to serve Him, we must accept the difficult parts. I think we have looked at things through the human lens and made Him “palatable” to our way of thinking. Hence, we “mar” His beauty. We in our unredeemed state could not accept His goodness.

We often see people dealing with shame not able to look others in the eyes. Perhaps that is what happened. Or even in the “I am better than you” mode, underrating the spiritual value of goodness. Pushing it away.

Whatever the reason, my final thoughts are that we tried to make Him like us, when His goal was to make us like Him.