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Tina And I 23 Years Later!


2013-04-17_13-47-36_53323 years ago Tina and I got up on a Saturday morning to prepare for a wedding. Our wedding. I slept in my store that night, woke up and headed to my friend’s house to make preparations for that day. My wife hung out with girlfriends and got ready. Continue reading Tina And I 23 Years Later!

When All Else Fails… Love

2014-05-16 18.40.52Last night I had one of those moments. One where fear tries to eat at you. My life was not in danger and there was no threat. It was just something invasive trying to take me off the balance I was maintaining. I can’t always explain those things. But I know this, that most of the time it is like being in the rain. Whether you know the cause or not, you are going to get wet. And so are others. Continue reading When All Else Fails… Love

22 Years And Counting

leejohndrowteamToday my wife and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage. 5 kids (His and hers-no ours…) and 7 grandchildren we made it this far.

A lot of people who bet against us, lost. Our own community back then,  on so many levels turned against us. We had to figure out a lot of things on our own. For each us, both had gone through not one, but two failed marriages. We each knew the pain of divorce and children living apart. Continue reading 22 Years And Counting

Praise Him…Even When It Is Tough

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

A conversation came up last night about being married, being a parent. My wife said that people often talk to here about how she and I do things. She said “people that flow together have learned to flow during times when ‘flowing’ was not happening”. We had some difficult times in our marriage. But we had to put aside the “d word” (Divorce) and decide that it was for our children. That the legacy of marriage and security was greater than the desire to be separate.

I share the following story from June of 1997. Continue reading Praise Him…Even When It Is Tough

Fathers Day Week Part 5 – Love As The Father Loves You

leejohndrowteamI am a dad. I want the best for my children and my grandchildren and all the generations to come. And as I come up to Fathers Day next week, it is my heart to write on 5 things that I think are important to dads. As I listen to my grandchildren pray for their “dad” to return to their life, I cry inside. I hurt for them. So, if as a dad, I can stop one child from going through that, then I feel it is all worth it.

Continue reading Fathers Day Week Part 5 – Love As The Father Loves You

The Process Of Rebuilding

fireworksToday is Valentine’s Day. Over the years my wife and I have had a number of great times together on Valentine’s Day. It is not so much a day “to do something” as it is a reminder on a level of our love for one another. I tend not to be a “day” or event person unless we are talking about birthdays or holidays that involve the family.

But, I should be real when I say we have had to work hard to get where we have got to in our marriage. Aside from the power and love of God in our life, I don’t think we would have made it. There have been a number of times in earlier days where I am pretty sure we did not think we could make it. Continue reading The Process Of Rebuilding

Family Is Best!

In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)
In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)

On my Facebook I have an ongoing message with my wife and children, called “Family Is Best!” (It is here we share with one another daily things, prayer requests, great things and little things.) There is no doubt in my mind in the truth of that statement. I have weathered enough storms and circumstances in 58 years to know.

I am the child of divorced parents and divorced twice myself, but I still have no thought in my mind that anything is better than family. Family is God given, God designed. Continue reading Family Is Best!

21 Years Of Marriage

What will you write today?
What will you write today?

Today Tina and I celebrate 21 years of marriage.

The Lord says in Genesis that it is not good for a man to be alone. I agree. (Always good to agree with God!)

In a day when many of the naysayers in my life are divorced and set to the side, Tina and I are coming into our own. This is our finest season. Our greatest moment! We have great children, who while they experience the bump of relationships are doing well. We have 5 lovely grandchildren. And we have a bright future. Continue reading 21 Years Of Marriage

Tina and I Celebrate 21 Years Together

Last night I had a dream. Interesting because in the dream I had all my hair back! But mostly it reminded me that my anniversary comes up in just a few short days.

2013-04-17_13-47-36_533My wife and I, on October 3rd will be married 21 years. Who would have thought? Certainly not the naysayers as they spoke their “counsel” over us. Each of us with two failed marriages behind us, who would believe we could make it?

We met in our local fellowship. It was NOT love at first sight. I was always getting in trouble somehow, some way. (The pastor’s wife once said to me that in 20 years of marriage she had only heard her husband yell twice and both times were at me!) Tina avoided me. But one day, I saw her son throw a baseball and no boy is going to throw like a girl, his only role model, I thought. The next thing we knew we were talking marriage. And a few short months later… Continue reading Tina and I Celebrate 21 Years Together