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I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

leejohndrowteamToday my mom would have been 89 years old. Her legacy carries on in the lives of my children and grandchildren. They may not always know it but they get the best of her through me. When I take them places about history or science, I am reliving her life. She empowered me to think and understand. Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

How Has Your Garden Grown?

leejohndrowteamIn early 2009 I wrote this. Why recycle things? Because some times our revisit of history reveals things. At least it does for me. It may show me “son, this is not the first time I have talked to you about this.” Or it may show that things happened the way I or others saw it or perhaps they happened, not as we might have seen. Continue reading How Has Your Garden Grown?

A Dose Of Humility Changes Things

2014-05-16 18.40.52Last night before falling asleep I was thinking about the folks I speak to about Jesus. The folks that I might invite to a church gathering. I found myself rolling with answers and thought process. Perhaps some of it was triggered by a few conversations yesterday. Continue reading A Dose Of Humility Changes Things

Patience Is A Grown Up Attribute

underconstructioYesterday at work was one of those “I don’t know if I can take anymore” days. It seemed like everything I went to do was blocked by something, someone, somehow. I spent a lot of the day in frustration. I was not slamming things or that kind of stuff, but I was finding it easy to get distracted and not wanting to keep going. By the end of the day the 3-4 sales I thought might be accomplished were sitting on the sidelines and leaving at 5:30 I was so tired I was just looking for a place to lie down. Continue reading Patience Is A Grown Up Attribute

Patience Is Preparing a Generation

preachingatvillageDespite going to bed later than normal, I awoke at the same time. And there on the floor was the turtle. (Now the last time I saw a turtle was at my daughter’s wedding in St. Lucia last year. A large sea turtle had crawled up to the base of the stairs and deposited her eggs.) So “seeing” a turtle in my room was a surprise. But there it was. Slowly moving across the floor. And then it turned as if to say “follow me”. Follow you? Where? Why? Continue reading Patience Is Preparing a Generation

Proud Moments With Dad

Diving at Powers Pond

BobJohndrow_PutneyVT_07-1995When I was a young child, one of my favorite things to do with my dad was swim. He was a powerful swimmer. Often he and others would swim across Schroon Lake and back from the point where we stayed. And he loved to dive. He would often go out and recover things dropped in the water at what seemed to be astounding depths to me as a child. One place was sounded at 32 feet and yet he recovered the missing part that had fallen into the water. Continue reading Proud Moments With Dad

The Tax Collector’s Church

leejohndrowteamYesterday I wrote on the “first part” of this. Again this piece comes from 2007.

Sunday, September 02, 2007
The Tax Collector’s Church

Many of you know that what began as a “funny” story is percolating and resonating deep in my spirit. Today we discussed it.


Continue reading The Tax Collector’s Church