Your Life Is About To Change

goldcoinI love those words. “Your life is about to change!”

Your experiences will dictate how you receive those words. Are you thinking “Oh, no! Here we go again!” or are you excited, looking forward? Experience and your reality of the past determine your understanding and capture of a future. But often your reality is not the reality of heaven. And it is heaven and its dictates that are crucial to living a supernatural life in Him.The reality of heaven is like real estate. (It is actually the REAL ESTATE!) When you and I receive Christ, all of creation enters our being. We are flooded in newness, a new creation, made new. And all of heaven is on the inside. The real estate of God is delivered into your being.  Colossians 1:17 tells us “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” That is heaven itself.

When we entertain ideas of evil, discouragement and such we are buying the real estate of the deceiver, satan himself. But when we believe and walk in the words of God, His reality and His life, we are in His world, His real estate. It is ours.

So this Jesus, this God and all His “real estate” of kingdom and heaven is on the inside. Waiting for your mind and heart to make the purchase of it. The purchase simply the belief that these things are true and truth. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Test all things; hold fast what is good”.  So many believe it is a “one time” test and quit. “I laid hands on a dead person and they did not get up. Can raising the dead be true?” “I have laid hands on the sick and ‘nothing’ happened so I am done.” Hold fast, tightly, to all that He has. Explore! Discover!

So many have traded the “real estate” of God for the distorted “real estate” of the enemy. They run to everyone and everything but God. Lean not unto your own understand but in everything with all your heart and all your mind TRUST GOD!

There are two things I have witnessed a lot lately. People who have given up on what they have known to be true. They have knowledge, they have understanding but they have stopped trying. (“I ‘know’ God heals but it didn’t work for me, so I must_________. “Their answers for the blank include, -God chooses who to heal-I am not anointed-I need more faith-It is not true. Whatever the answer in the blank is, it is not true, the truth or the “real estate” of heaven.) The second is the hole in the heart that affects the thinking.

The first is an acceptance of truth. Will you allow your mind to accept all that is truth, in fact, embracing the “real estate” of life? The kingdom is at hand. Not in somewhere or some place for some time. But NOW! Today!

beautyI saw people in a vision standing at the edge of a fence looking out over the beauty of fields and meadows, trees and flowers, sighing and saying “I wish that was mine.” The sign on the property said “Kingdom” and there were a few people under tree or picking flowers, but as I was moved to the center of the vision and looked around, I saw literally millions of people around the “borders” sighing in unity, hoping someday, somewhere, somehow this would be theirs. And I saw God over the place, with hands to the side in a “what else can I do” gesture. And as I watched through people’s eyes it was if they had reversed binoculars and everything was in the distance. God give them eyes to see!

It was all there! Right in front of them. The real estate of heaven! And it was inside them! They encircled this place we call Kingdom.

And the vision continued and I walked through the kingdom. I met a man with no arms sitting under the tree. I asked him, “why are you not healed?” He said, “I am waiting. It is my fault. I deserved this.” I looked up to the tree and I saw two new arms awaiting him. “Do you not see those arms?” I asked him. He replied, “Oh I know God will do it. I am not healed yet. I was guilty.” (It reminded me of the man at the pool of Siloam who had not man when the angel stirred the waters.) I reached up and removed the arms from the tree and walked closer. I gently laid my hands on his head and the arms moved in to place.” He could not believe it. The arms started “to drop”. I prayed for him and said “all of this (Pointing to all the beautiful landscape.) is yours. You are an owner in this real estate. It belongs to you!” He began to argue. “But I do not deserve this! It was my fault.” I put my arms around him and cried as I held him in my arms. He began to cry and then to laugh. His arms were secure.

And that brings me to the second part of my statement. For weeks I have seen many who have “holes in their hearts”. The scuffing of broken relationships, failed actions, loss, trauma and all that is related have left people with a feeling of not being whole. Of not being okay.

One thought is that all these things have caused a callousness on their hearts. “Let’s just get a move on and leave them behind.” Rocky hearts, the one God replaced with fresh, never felt, never hurt. But these new ones, these hearts of flesh, they bear pain and hold hurts. But God never makes a mistake. For without a heart of flesh there could be no feeling. BUT He never intended that you would allow life to harden it with continued scuffing. His desire is that you would be in His rest. That He would do the “heavy lifting.”

I have met many who have holes in their heart. The pain of the past causes them to try and move on. Moving on is possible, but without proper healing one will carry the burdens of the past.

Many years ago I was on a canoe trip in Lake George. I was on an island and I was walking through woods only to step on a nail in a board. A very large nail. My shoe quickly filled with blood. The counselors decided to get to shore and get me to a doctor. They had to canoe me in the dark to get me there. My pain became their pain. My problem and burden theirs. I caused them to be unduly burdened, handicapped.

When someone is not whole others must step in.

A few years ago my wife broke her arm. All her work in the home became mine. I had to help her showered, get dressed and undressed and so much more. Over time she healed and regained her abilities but during that season it was rough for both of us.

The idea that a heart with a “hole” in it can be repaired by being in ministry, a relationship, attaining money or anything else is a lie from the devil and the “real estate” of satan. Do not purchase it! Do not buy it! You can’t afford it!

Only God can restore you to wholeness and fix your heart. So many things are being implemented in the desire for a quick fix that at best they are band aids and at worst they prolong the repair and the ability to be whole.

I encourage you to get off the treadmill and get whole. Allow God to do His work in you. You may have to stop things. People may not understand. But this is what is often needed. Your best efforts at expediting the process will simply allow for you to return to these words once again. The process is that you might be healed and made whole.

I have shared my story about my friend Jack who upon having a heart attack was told it would be a few days and he could return home. But infection set in and he was there for a month. While he was there with his chest wide open speaking to God about “things he had to do” the Lord said, “I have you right where I want you. Now you can listen.” And God proceeded to give Him revelation and understanding of the WOW kind over that month. He is jealous for you!

Allow your heart to be made whole. For the callousness to be removed and tenderness restored. For the promises of the Kingdom to be yours in your life. When God says “wait”, trust that He has your best interests at heart, that He cares and is not keeping you from the best.

God has given you the Kingdom of heaven my friends. He has put you in a place where not only can you see it but you can live in it. Daily! You can see the blind see and the deaf heal. You can see the lame walk and the dead restored. This is the REAL ESTATE of heaven. (Years ago I had a dream about Rich Waters.)But His desire is also that as you live there you would allow your heart to receive His love. Not to run out and “get busy” but that you might be overwhelmed by His love and His desire towards you.

Allow the process to become yours. Today I simply see a small child on the floor of a room playing with toys. Over his shoulder I see parents looking in quietly with smiles on their faces. All is at peace.

The peace of God is one of the attributes or characteristics of the Kingdom. We are told the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy. You cannot buy the real estate of God without getting it all. Let you mind make the purchase of kingdom today.

I assure you…there is acreage out there in the kingdom you have not touched, not discovered, but it is yours. Truly it is.


Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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