Who Are You Really?


underconstructioThe other day I was sitting here just looking at names on Facebook and I would receive a picture over various ones. I would take some thought and send someone a message about what I saw. I did this with people I did not know and had no “clue” about. It was my way of paying it forward a little.

The results were great and even a little fun. One person called me and said “who are you really?” Continue reading Who Are You Really?

Maybe, Just Maybe We Are Readying For A Gold Rush

trashWhen you have lots of dreams you often wonder what is for you, what is pizza and what has relevance to others. Last night was a night where I had some 10 dreams. This was after not thinking I had really seen a dream for 2 days. Continue reading Maybe, Just Maybe We Are Readying For A Gold Rush

Tis The Season To Season

changeprocessEach month I have established the first Sunday of the month for my family to gather. Each person brings food, love and seemingly, more grandkids! For me it was a way to see my children together and to provide a vehicle for them build better relationships with one another. It has worked well. One of the things I do is prepare a soup. I love making soup, because when it is done, it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that and creativity. Yesterday was no different. Continue reading Tis The Season To Season

Who’s Side Are You On?

Last night as I read about the ongoing stirrings in Ukraine, the position of England and the United States towards Russia right now and a few other skirmishes about the world, I was brought back to a time in my life as a youth. It was the time of the Vietnam War. A brutal time in our country’s history. Polarization, fear and a misunderstanding of so many things.

I began to share some of that time with my grandchildren. My grandson Jordan is beginning to study the war. (Wonder what spin that will get in a public school?) So a conversation began. I was surprised how much “it brought up in me”. Continue reading Who’s Side Are You On?