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The Lord Answered Me And Set Me Free


MarcelIndependence Day

As I wrote in the books I gave my grandchildren, some of the words (Besides “I love you!”) included “I am glad you are here.” “This is a day to celebrate freedom. Be all you can be. Experience freedom!”

Freedom is important. Without freedom how can you or I be all we were called to be. If we lived in a place like China or North Korea, what would be our “freedom experience”? I have been to foreign countries, had third world experiences. I have seen the devastation, the depression and the lack of freedoms. Freedom is better! Continue reading The Lord Answered Me And Set Me Free

Drill A Little Deeper

2014-05-03 13.25.11It is Fathers Day Weekend. I actually was reviewing some pics of my dad, shots with my children over the years and some letters I have received and such. I guess nostalgic would describe some of it. (This past week I actually put together a series of 5 articles on dads.) But now I have 3 of my children married (Two who are the dads.) and I think what was it like to be a young dad. Continue reading Drill A Little Deeper