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2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose

preachingatvillageWhy even announce for 2015? Why seek the Lord at all for this? Is it any different?

Throughout yesterday as the messages of hope and the future appeared, I thought “I agree”. “Amen”. “Good for you!” I know people get caught up in resolutions and change. They want to see the new year as better than the last. There is a hope on the table. Continue reading 2015-A Time Of Romance, A Vision Of Purpose

T’is The Season To Be Stretched

leejohndrowteamThe last few days have been a challenge to say the least. In the business world life is determined by deadlines and performance, something often the antithesis of belief and following Christ. Despite my best shot at putting deadlines and “hurry up” on God He moves at his pace. Do I recognize the superiority of His knowledge and wisdom? Of course! Does that make it any easier? Not until you enter that place of peace, relax in His rest and grasp the goodness of God. Continue reading T’is The Season To Be Stretched

Who Is Going With You?

2014-09-21 13.20.19“Great! Now what was I to do?” The machine guns (Who has machine guns???) were going off and had me pinned down behind one of the cars. I was safe but I needed to behind the one behind me to get to cover. Throwing some rocks in the air triggered another blast and a hail of of bullets. But they were short lived and I knew they were involved in reloading. I jumped across the hood of the car behind me, looking over to see what was going. While the new clip was now in I was behind the building. Continue reading Who Is Going With You?

The Pangs Of Change

characterThe last few weeks I have been making an observation. A lot of people who normally walk with their head held high, understanding this is but a “season” have been feeling pushed about. One of the hardest things about a time such is this, is you begin to take it personally. You begin to see it as you and no one else. It begins to unravel thinking about love and acceptance.It may well be a direct challenge to your belief schedule and all that you believe. Continue reading The Pangs Of Change

God Focused – Family Centered


Yesterday I spent a lot of time with my family. I had my 3 of my grandchildren over as well as my daughter. A lot was going on. The funeral for a friend was one. Making sure I gave the children the time they needed and wanted. Getting ready for a turkey dinner was on the agenda and at one point I took them to look at the house my son and his wife are purchasing here in Keene. (And that lead to going around a looking at other homes for sale.) Finally we got home for dinner and a movie. Continue reading God Focused – Family Centered

Being A Family by Lydia Cooper

There has been tremendous growth in the body of Christ in the area of relationships. More and more people are quoting “be the church.” Those hard hurt shells from the spirit of religion are being torn down to make rooms for doors to hearts that are warm and welcoming. Reconciliation and deep healing are taking place between those who have had deep personal hurts against one another. Meals are being shared in homes in the spirit of fellowship all over New England forging Godly alliances to build each other up, so in turn they can go and give love and hope to an ever changing society that has no idea about what it means to be loved. Continue reading Being A Family by Lydia Cooper

Healthy Family Makes Healthy People

leejohndrowteamThis week I sat with a woman who had to keep her relationship with her former daughter-in-law a secret from her son just so she could talk to her granddaughter. Her son was an out of control dad. He chose to leave a mom and a daughter to pursue life. Spelled “lack of responsibility.” Continue reading Healthy Family Makes Healthy People

Do You Really Get A Second Chance?

GodsaysnoLast night a series of dreams lead to a place I had not been before. Everything looked familiar, but everything was different. In the end I was asked to go some place. Scene after scene reminded me of something out of our country’s past. Even as I walked past old buildings and beautiful meadows, in the dream I thought this feels like Shelburne Museum or something. At one point it reminded me of the defunct Frontier Town in New York. And then I came to the river…again. I had been here before but I could not remember how I crossed it the first time. I wandered the bank. I thought, “did I swim or take a boat?” Nothing clicked. I clearly was not getting to the other side. As I wandered back towards one of the villages, I thought about it. How would I explain it to others? I sensed defeat, at best failure. Continue reading Do You Really Get A Second Chance?

The Spirit Of Excellence And You

leejohndrowteamThis morning I was laying in bed following a dream. I was thinking of the phrase “all things with excellence”.

As a child there was always the potential for an “E” or an Excellent grade. It was something to work towards. Something to desire. To be excellent.

Many years later I entered into the Kingdom of God and the church fellowship I was in, was one who practiced excellence. No shortcuts here. If you were going to do something, do it right. Do it properly and do it with excellence. No half measures. Continue reading The Spirit Of Excellence And You

You Are Better Than That

leejohndrowteamWhat is it we need in our lives to cause us to grow in to all that He believes for us in us?

I have been giving this a lot of thought. We are better than we think. We are more loving, more powerful and more loved than we know. We are better than that!

I find that I am saying this to a lot of people lately. “You are better than that.” Not just because of a “bad choice” but some of the “settling for choices” as well. Continue reading You Are Better Than That