The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing


jazzDream 1242104

I walked in the jazz store. I expected to find lots of cool jazz CD’s, even old records, but what I found was a very trendy looking store with lots of cheap gifts. There were fake scrimshaw boats and such. Candles that looked like you could purchase them, but under closer scrutiny one could see the order form.

As I walked down the mall stairs another client was commenting on the pretty bags and how the store names looked so beautiful. But there was nothing in the bags!

As I wandered a little it was clear that the “mall” had been made for tourism. Everything seemed beautiful in its brick, wood and glass display and décor.I wandered out onto the street and I was immediately confronted by an old friend who I had worked on a beautification project with for years.

“You are coming back right? Look at this! Everything you ever said is coming to pass. How could you know?” I told her that I would not be returning. That while all “looked” well the propensity to prop and puff up had befallen them.

Her eyes fell.

“Please come back” she begged. “There is something wrong. None of this is right. People are not here” And that is when it hit me. The building, the glass, everything, but NO PEOPLE!

A shimmer of light brought me into a fresh look of the community. It was smoldering, burning. Where a moment ago there had been a beautiful building, there were fires, smoke and ashes.

iris2In the midst of it-flowers. Irises.

I thought upon waking, how weird was that. Immediately my mind began to file through the reality of the place, the meeting, all of it.

And I fell asleep again.

Here I was the head of an organization. I was trying to make headway with the non-profit organization. Conversations were fruitless. I was frustrated. Finally, I had had enough of my time being wasted. I started to say to them, “this is a sham. The very thing you were created for is the very thing you are not doing! You are taking money and not helping those in need. Your administrative costs are out of balance. You are breaking all the rules, perhaps even laws. We came to help you!”

Immediately doors began to slam and windows were breaking. A wind was sweeping through the large conference room. People were cowering under their desks and the papers and books were being swept away to the floor by this powerful wind.

I awoke again. 2:07

What does it mean?

  • Maine (207)-your season is on you! Like your motto, the pine tree, it is here I have hidden prophetic voices. No longer will you “lumber” along but this day I am bringing you up to speed.
  • Jazz-I believe this is representative of the multi-culturism we in New England are about to embrace. Not just saying it but a true linking of arms in going forth. The fact that what was expected was a disappointment. We are about to see New England “jazzed up”, readied for the amazing “what is to come”!
  • Fake Scrimshaw-Real scrimshaw is the art carving found most often on whale bones. Whalers  would head out over the waters and they would carve in their spare time. “The counterfeit is about to meet the realities of now.”  We have been carved on His hands.
  • Fake candles-They spoke of an idolatry that was put in place to make up for the lack of a living God not seen, not desired. No longer will the witchcraft be sustained.
  • Empty bags-Once again what looks good needs to have substance. The bags held no substance. (Haggai 1:5-6)
  • My friend-In reality I did work with her. She had a heart for the beautifying and restoration. But she knew in the dream that it had become a sham. There were no people, there was no substance. Even the “brick and mortar” location was sham. As I was writing just now, I heard “emptiness of days”.

Over many years I had spoken to my friend, an unbeliever. She would ask me things and I would share what the Lord would say. They would come to pass and I would receive emails or calls that would say “get down here!”

  • The light-Truly I believe this is representative of eyes being open. The ability to see. Discernment.
  • The destruction-Out of the embers much will come. Burnt stones and a desire to repair, rebuild. (Nehemiah 4:2)
  • Irises-There are two thoughts here. A-the iris flower name comes from the Greek word rainbow. I believe this is important because God declared a rainbow was His way of saying I will not destroy. B-The second speaks of the iris of the eye. It is the “eye color” of an eye. A distinguisher. It also controls the pupil and how much light is allowed in to the retina.

From the second dream.

  • Non-profit-While I recognize it speaks of “no money” or the utilization of providing services and receiving grants or donations, in this case I think there was a further principle. The denial of the prophetic or that which profits.
  • The wind-I believe the prophetic voice is being raised up along its proper structures and partners, the apostles. I believe there is a clearing of the decks coming to those who would deny the gifts (In love and in mercy.) and the power that is held. I believe there is a restoration of the table of the Lord that is coming mightily.

As I look at what is happening in these two dreams, I see the change is imminent.

Personally, for the last two days, I have found much of life to be “distracting” and desirous to remove me from rest. I have faced numerous discouragements and disappointments in the last days. I think as I look at it God is saying “I am shifting you.” Once again, I am feeling the “armor” does not fit.

Many have suffered attacks against health, family and even belief the last few days.

I am changing guards. I am marrying the tribes of the Lord and causing them to see themselves as a force. This is not a time of posturing or posing, but this is time to touch people. It is this day that there is a fresh wind of my presence. Those that would stand to deny my presence will cower under the power and presence of my healing and restoration. Many will say ‘Why them? Who are they? Who do they think they are?’ But you will see. You will see me blow upon words of days gone by and a restoration and wholeness will come. No longer bones, but sinew and flesh, and life itself shall enter the bodies. The words will be said ‘The Lord is on the MOVE’ and it shall be so. I have changed your voice, given you a new vestment and in this hour you will drink afresh. You shall look at the waters and you shall see my face. Out of the fires of revival shall come a new breed. You see I have spoken of this for many a season. For there is an army, but it is an army of passion, an army of love. My love shall remove the strongest of enemies and arguments.

Stand up. For the time is now. The season is on you. The seasoning in you.







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Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

8 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing”

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and find they resonate with some things I have been hearing and other ministers have been hearing from the Holy Spirit as well.

    It is so refreshing to be washed by the water of the word.

    Thank you for your boldness to speak forth the words from the Lord!!!

    Love ,grace, peace, joy and exceedingly abundant blessings be returned to you for your faithfulness!

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