Where You Rest In Is Where You Are Best In


runwayWhile in service on Sunday morning I watched the, a highway, open before me. A highway that went through a mountainous range.  Suddenly the vehicle I was riding in accelerated and we were quickly moving so fast that my distance disappeared and everything soon became my now. I realized anywhere I wanted to be I was. There was no time “to get there.” My seasons had been “pulled into now.” It was if a 3D picture no longer had distance or perspective. It was all “here”! 2D. (2D or not 2D? Perhaps that is the question…)

I get that sometimes we just want to “get out of this to get into that.” Maybe your now is a little painful or a little boring. (Boring is a good time to evaluate that which is about you!) And if I could just get to there, maybe, just maybe my world would make more sense. A better job, a new girlfriend or boyfriend or some expected happening. That would make me “better”. So life may become a time of prayer and fasting, or declarations and decrees, or applying the principles of the last book you read. (You do realize that sometimes the principles that made people healthy, wealthy and wise did not just “happen” for the most part, right? And that God may well have a better, more individualized answer for you?) Please hear me…God is in the process. He is more concerned with the process that He is the destination.Back a number of years ago I ministered with a young person a lot. I enjoyed our times together. A lot was going on. Seemed like “everywhere” described lives in those days. And then he, like so many of them disappeared. Gone.

We have reconnected. Last night I read a book he had penned during a dark time in His life. As I read it I thought how thankful I am for friends, family, community and renewed mindset of grace and His power.

My friend had it all. He was going somewhere being someone. And then it all “blew up.” My friend is on the mend. Others from those times were not so fortunate. (I think we thought the “just get there” mentality would change the world. But in the process many were hurt, damaged. In my own fellowship we are just beginning to see the realities of teams and gifts functioning together. Back then we propped up a lot of “lone rangers” and hurt people. A lot of people had great gifts but no relationships. Life is often done in the trenches.)

We struggle with the polarization of the world, but sometimes the church has not always been the “safest” of places. The process of restoration is at hand.

Last night I had a dream.

In the dream a small group of us, perhaps 10 of us got together to pray and to hang out. As we prayed one young man kept coming to my view. He was different. The pain of his life was evident. As people prayed I found myself under the “influence” of His presence. Each prayer brought me to the floor. The power of God was coursing through the air. I could see the electricity of His presence. Each time we prayed the circle got larger and larger and the distance between us greater. The young man was seeing things happen but he could not connect with the others. I realized that many had moved away from him. His name was Tristen. (His name means tumult or outcry.) Each time I opened my eyes, I was drawn to the middle of the circle. There was a flash. And I awoke. It was 5:18 I heard New York. (Area code 518)  Pray for New York.

I have no specific revelation about New York, other than to pray. I felt I saw cities being touched and even being moved.

I listened as the Lord talked to me for the next hour or so. Some of it hard, even painful as I thought about what was being said. I heard words with sometimes no meaning to me.

  • Generations-This one is “easy” for me. I see the value of all the generations. Who you sit with and speak with often reveals your heart about generations and the value they have to you. I see both ends of the spectrum failing to make the leap over the generation gap. I felt, it is time to stop it.
  • Inclusion-Too often we decide who we want to be with when the Lord is really working to orchestrate connection profitable to your destiny and His purpose. It is time to reach out with hands of mercy, compassion and grace. There is also an “inclusion” or a solid, liquid, or gaseous foreign body enclosed in a mineral or rock. I felt a nudge that the scars or little marks are the uniqueness of your identity. No diamond looks like you.
  • Restoration- I know many who have thought God lost their address or phone number. But as He is in the process of restoration He is picking up those who thought they no longer had a value and He is gently putting you back in place. Perhaps it is not the place of your memories or thought process, but He is putting you in the place that you will not only be best in but rest in.
  • Messy-Proverbs 14:4 tells us if there is no oxen it is clean. But when God is moving things and people are getting involved it is messy. We are getting ready to see an outpouring and it will not be “pretty” but it will be God. Business as usual has simply been a “biding” time for the appearance of Him in a mighty way. The idea of there being an outcry or a “tristen” is at hand.
  • Distance-I clearly heard the Lord say, “stop distancing yourself from Me. From others.” The result of His presence and His power will be proximity not detachment.

Years ago I had a band, Cataclysmic Zoe. Long before I found Him, I found that name and even that life. I was reminded of it this morning. A life that is so explosive that it can be contained or denied.

There is an outcry in the land for the realities of God and the understanding of life. I saw young people getting touched who were reaching out across the generations.  They were building bridges that others could travel. I saw life. Abundant life.

20 years ago I was hit by a taxicab. I was at “Pine and Court” when I was hit. The driver had stood on the accelerator and not the brake and careened through the red light. The result was I was in a brace for my back and neck. I could not work. Life was not fun. I was discouraged, depressed and always thinking “What did I do wrong? How can I serve?”

One day friends came to me and said we want to take you to Toronto. Let me just say, it was not a fun trip getting there. I was cold, angry and afraid. It was not what I expected, did not fit my paradigm and I struggled. It took 3 days but God found me. As I lay there by my seat with two leaders, one from England and the other from Norway, I was messed with. Big time.

My life changed. I am so thankful for the encounter and the subsequent encounters there and other places.

I mention that because it is 20 years! How did I get here? People! The greatest gift God gave after giving His son, was the value of love through the body. People are God’s business, His only business. And if that is where “He lives” it is important that we do as well.

Where You Rest In Is Where You Are Best In.



Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at www.villagechurchswanzey.com)

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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